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New EU site, works out cheaper buying directly in € rather than from the UK site - http://www.uniqlo.com/eu/en/home
Late to this but just to add to what others have said the EPLA sweats, tees and hoodies are fantastic and at sale prices are a complete and utter no-brainer. I have 3 tees, 2, sweatshirts and a hoodie and all are best in class in their respective categories. The sweatshirts and hoodie are going to grow old with me. Off to order some sweatpants now...
The real deal La Maison De L'Espadrille, $55 from Sid Mashburn but I got them for €21 from a European sitehttp://www.sidmashburn.com/shop/footwear/navy-canvas-la-maison-de-lespadrille-classic-espadrille.htmlhttp://www.sarenza.com/la-maison-de-l-espadrille-sabline-h-s1058-p0000020498
Europe - Yooxcode WARDROBE25
I have an Aspesi cotton/linen unstructured blazer which I love, very, very versatile. I picked it up on Yoox for a lot less than Mr P's prices though.
Love the look of the knit bomber. The navy is very close to an Aspesi cotton knit cardigan I have so really looking forward to seeing loden and especially speckled heather.
This Forbes piece seems to confirm the merger is happening - http://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanmac/2015/03/31/net-a-porter-merges-with-yoox-creating-online-high-fashion-giant/
30% off and free shipping in Europe -
Is that Capobianco jacket a recent acquisition form Yoox by any chance? I had would one just like it in my Dreambox.
I'm in. Looking forward to seeing the different colours and seeing what the consensus is.
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