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Aspesi, Manuel Ritz, AT.P.CO.
Just to echo what Mike said about Epaulet Europe, great shame it didn't work out as the concept is spot on - said the European! I picked up the saddle tennis trainers for a great price and there looks to be plenty of sizes left.
I'm EU-based too (not UK) and always found Yoox CS responsive and helpful.
Another sweats fan here - bomber, crewneck in a few colours, pants, hoodie, pocket T - love them all.
Bomb alert at Pitti -
Same here, first stretch jeans I ever bought and now have 3 pairs. The cut of the slim straight is really good too.Still have 2 pairs of Wilshires in rotation and would be all over Mike's new concept.Missed out on the eggshell Wilshires and ended up buying a pair Edwins off Yoox as a substitute.
@Epaulet Any news on Epaulet Europe Mike? Would be great to be able to get European-made stuff direct. Been getting hit with import tax every time recently.
Bloody hell, just been to collect the Scatter Camo field jacket from the post office, this thing is a monster! Definitely going to wash before wearing as it's like chain mail at the moment.
Same experience here in a 40R with SuSu Havana and EP Southwick.
Mike - Is the new Portuguese stuff going to go up on Epaulet Europe at some stage?
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