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@Epaulet Any news on Epaulet Europe Mike? Would be great to be able to get European-made stuff direct. Been getting hit with import tax every time recently.
Bloody hell, just been to collect the Scatter Camo field jacket from the post office, this thing is a monster! Definitely going to wash before wearing as it's like chain mail at the moment.
Same experience here in a 40R with SuSu Havana and EP Southwick.
Mike - Is the new Portuguese stuff going to go up on Epaulet Europe at some stage?
Just received my first S/S delivery, a silk/linen/wool Havana jacket, and I'm very impressed with quality, sizing, free shipping etc at the low price point.
Couple of crappy quick iphone shots of my Platinum Slubby EFF linen rivets. They're fantastic and (amazingly) I got the fit spot on.
Just got shipping confirmation for my EFF rivets. Happy days.
Platinum stubby linen EFF rivet ordered for an August wedding in Transylvania of all places. Going to be 95 degrees and I'm going to need a lot of linen!
Yes to an app, I use the Yoox one all the time.
Bought a pair of the clearance Wilshires today and realised I bought a pair of the original run on Christmas Day 2 years ago. Happy Wilshire Day! Also my missus got Tennis Lows for her Christmas present today and was delighted. Considering she thought she was getting Stan Smiths she's well chuffed.
New Posts  All Forums: