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Alberto Lanciotti chukkas from Yoox. Made in Italy, lightweight with a dainite sole, €42.
Donegal tweed trousers from my favourite shop/label - http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-chinos/products/slim-walt-trouser-uk-donegal-tweed-salt-pepperAlso nearly everyone is doing slimmed-down modern silhouette MA1 fight jackets these days from cheapo H&M types all the way up to $1k plus Rick Owens and Raf Simons. The days of the baggy Alphas are long gone.
Very interesting Daily Telegraph piece on Yoox - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/mens-style/28151/how-yoox-became-the-amazon-of-the-fashion-world.html
Great thread chaps. As a 44-year-old who has always incorporated parts of the Look but was never 100% Mod or Skinhead or whatever this is a great read. These days it's Barbour, unstructured sport coats, tweed jackets, cardigans, brogues, suede chukkas, OCBD shirts, slim straight selvedge denim, polos - long and short sleeved, Barracuta G9, adidas originals etc etc. Basically a mongrel mix of Mod, Ivy, football casual and whatever you're having yourself.
No offence but (like lots of American ideas about Ireland and St Patrick's Day) that's nonsense. St Patrick is the patron saint of both Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants. For instance the red cross in the Union Jack is the cross of St Patrick. I know Ireland and our crazy history is confusing but just a little bit of knowledge would be good. AAS - I wear black-watch here in Dublin all the time and no one bats an eyelid so thumbs up from this Paddy to your Patrick's Day...
To my knowledge SI never pulled out of the UK although 4 Marketing who look after SI and CP in the UK were always keen to distance themselves from the football casual following the brands had. Unsuccessfully I might add.Also to equate football casual culture with Nazis/neo Nazis is far far too broad a brushstroke - particularly in the UK. I would never see someone in SI and think Nazi, I would always think football casual although the brand has lost a lot of cachet in...
That's a really nice A1 Mike. A suede A1 in that type of shade is high on my want list. Valstar's is obviously great too but maybe there'll be an Epaulet version someday.
Everything dropped substantially in my Dreambox. Might just be EU though. Copped Italian-made suede chukkas for €42.
The Luigi Bianchi Mantova is beautiful, a truly stunning sportcoat.
Congrats Mike and Adele. Welcome to the club!
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