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someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if you had clipped it with all the buttons closed, wouldn't that have helped with the quarters? I know you don't wear it that way, but I've seen quite a few tailors (well, all 3 I've had experience with) do this...when pinning up a suit/odd jacket, they'll fasten all the buttons and then pin. I suppose the result is the shape you want but the quarters still staying close together
What will amount to the closest thing to a vacation I'm getting this summer: Wednesday morning, took the train to DCA and flew out to Hartford, CT and waited for my coworker to arrive (he flew from bwi). I'm not sure about you guys, but I pretty much always dress up when I fly, so I was pretty excited for that. Anyway, my coworker arrived looking like a 12 year old in cargo shorts, tshirt, steelers cap, backpack, etc...a little embarrasing that I had to roll with this...
wine and cheese party which required my dressing up...wore a PS this time, for all you hataz that berated me last time. Drank a few more glasses of wine/bubbly than I planned on (6 more to be exact), then moved to a house party that gave me dirty looks (from those that didn't know me) and some nice compliments (from those that do know me) and drank some cheapo beer. Good times. Felt like a college student, for once. Wore a double cuff shirt(no tie), silk knots, khakis,...
is it anything like this:
I think he just wants a balance between the cuff and in you'd look silly with a small collar and regular cuffs because they'd look huge in relation.
JUST received, for the first time ever (4 CHEAP). First prize to he who guesses what these are: collection (without boots and bucks): AE PA, AE Chester, Alden
Quote: Originally Posted by Laffertron Another Nandos fan checking in. Quarter breast chicken (lemon and herb) chips and vanilla coke, nothing better. I find the Peri-peri sauce they sell doesn't make a very good basting but is an excellent steak sauce. For the Aussies who want to make it at home, try the Woolworth's select version (I think it's called Portuguese Chili) I'm not sure about you guys, but whenever we're in London, we pick up...
played a round of golf...rented a cart for the first time ever...Simple pleasure, but it was the most fun I've had in ages.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nugget Jambo Migo. Maybe you are missing Koinange Street? Used to be a nandos there, amongst the other goods and services to be had. How can I forget? First one I ever went to. Although the one in Westlands (? ... by the Casino/steers/debonairs, last I remember) was closer to us
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