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in my opinion, I think it all depends where it's from...I've got some light weight brooks brothers undershirts that are i suppose normal, but I've also got a few from Armani Exchange that are suuuuper light and keep me nice and dry during the summer time without overheating. I just like pima cause it's so soft
sweet shirts aren't uber cheap...they're brooks bro's boys unfortunately they don't make the slim fit in boys, and that was really embarassing :-| Mute, whats a military tuck?
Hey everyone, so I've been trolling around these forums for a few months now and I've learned a lot and I feel like this might be the stupidest thing you style guru's have heard but here goes: OK so for years now, when I tuck in my shirt it always balloons in the back (I try to get it so that the sides and front don't look like a mushroom, but the back is just impossible). I'm guessing it's because I'm really skinny (I'm 28waist), but I also want to know if I get...
Plake...thats sweet I just got back from skiing Les Trois Vallees over my winter break. It was a million times more than amazing, and I will definitely go back!
Wrigley's Extra gum (peppermint) is my 'mint' of choice. No aftertaste and chew on one piece for 5 seconds and you're set!
I agree with the lone-eaters there's nothing like cooking your own meal and contemplating what you can do to improve it... as far as dining goes though, I never drink wine alone.
in mechanical engineering, they're always telling us to define the viewpoint, why not apply that to your 'dating league'? In my opinion, no girl is out of your league, it's all a matter of what you think is out of your league, and if you're confident enough to see everyone as in your league, then you've got no problems huh? I've always been told that the 'out of league' girls almost always appreciate a decent and confident introduction, so that's wot I try to stick...
Priyanka Chopra tell me thats not hot.
first off, as an Indian person myself, I must say I couldn't believe at first that there was a thread devoted to Indian women. second, hair's not always a problem, and I've known some very good looking blonde girls with hair problems... third...there is not much sexier in this world than a lady in a sari. Trust me, sari's have the ability to make any woman 10 times sexier (I've seen this happen pretty much all my life)
if I had 500 lbs on my back...uhh...I'd bloody grunt.
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