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can anyone recommend a good butcher in the downtown Washington DC area? preferable if they aren't too far away from metro stops because I have to walk everywhere. I'm getting a little tired of the bad supermarket sorry...had to be done!
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Presumably the latter. The former are fashion victims and basically the antithesis of style. agreed...style and fashion are not quite the same thing, though they are often mistaken to be that way.
I've never dated a lawyer woman (most lawyer women are my senior), but I have learned one thing from working at the law school computer help desk: When a lawyer woman's computer breaks down, don't fuck with them, and be ready for your head to be taken off if you tell them you can't help them with their problem
excellent...i win I guess showing 2 cuffs would be a little odd when you're wearing a suit.
I work for my university's law school fixing law students' computer woe's (and relatively speaking, for a student, I've got a sweeet salary ). Downside: I'm engineering... I've also lost a lot of respect for law students...they come to me with some of the most ridiculous problems ever.
trying to settle a little debate here between a friend and myself...if I'm wearing a sweater over a shirt, do I show shirt cuff? My understanding is that you should show a little bit, but friend says you should cover it up with the sweater's cuff. Also what if I'm wearing a suit? how does the cuff situation work there? This one I'm just confused about
in my opinion, I think it all depends where it's from...I've got some light weight brooks brothers undershirts that are i suppose normal, but I've also got a few from Armani Exchange that are suuuuper light and keep me nice and dry during the summer time without overheating. I just like pima cause it's so soft
sweet thanks...my shirts aren't uber cheap...they're brooks bro's boys unfortunately they don't make the slim fit in boys, and that was really embarassing :-| Mute, whats a military tuck?
Hey everyone, so I've been trolling around these forums for a few months now and I've learned a lot and I feel like this might be the stupidest thing you style guru's have heard but here goes: OK so for years now, when I tuck in my shirt it always balloons in the back (I try to get it so that the sides and front don't look like a mushroom, but the back is just impossible). I'm guessing it's because I'm really skinny (I'm 28waist), but I also want to know if I get...
Plake...thats sweet I just got back from skiing Les Trois Vallees over my winter break. It was a million times more than amazing, and I will definitely go back!
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