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fit is the most important thing. Also, I've found that if you're able to soak up as much information from the forums, then you can take the liberty to break some rules, and more often than not, it is accepted (except being too conservative and not wearing a PS...I was berated for that one and I'm still recovering!).
does anyone else just use music in the morning to know when they should be getting out in order to make it to work in time? I'm usually too groggy in the morning to be listening to relaxing music heh
aww I missed you guys too. To be honest, I just saw this thread...the first thing I was going to suggest was gelato up wisconsin...looks like you got there. We hike up half an hour to there once a week...I'm really glad you got to enjoy it! Good to know you had fun!
The prize for cheapest automatic has to go to me. I just ebayed this, I believe, 1975 Timex Automatic. Yea, not much by the thread's standards, but it's nice, plus the seller just serviced it. Not a bad deal for $22.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Potato Style is also about the ability to adapt to different environments. You are not going to be the douche in the suit at the frat party. Even I find wearing sportcoats to class a little too much. Getting noticed via flashiness may bring the wrong kind of message. To start off, learn about fit. You'll look better than most with proper fitting clothes. I would suggest looking through J Crew's catalog for some subtle...
Quote: Originally Posted by Style Pontifex What's wrong with a full windsor for interviews? Is it considered tacky? What knot do you use instead? FIH? I don't think it really matters...Fair few people around here like the non-chalantness that a FIH has, plus the knot isn't gigantic. Also, Bond never trusted a man who wore a full windsor. As for the shirt cuffs, I think the correct answer is that they should be loose enough for a dress...
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 Had sex with a hot latina. That's what this thread is all about, right?
OP: Attend a game when LA Galaxy (Beckham = more posers attend, but still, it's a crowd) visit and sit in the stands with the rest of the fans. That's the only way you'll really appreciate it. Can't speak much for Houston, but DC United games are hella fun (This from someone who's watched matches in England with 30,000 in attendance)
I just bought this automatic: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=230280228673 yeha $22 shipped! Probably just be changing the strap. If you search for Seiko automatics, there are quite a few on ebay
PM sent on 8.5D black clifton
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