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"Men can't trust women. Women can't trust women. Nobody can trust women." - Oscar Wilde I am a firm believer that they have 20% less thinking capacity, in general.
I moved the buttons on my peacoat and it turned out quite nicely. I only moved them a tiny bit, less than an inch, and actually i moved the middle one and bottom one more than the top, so although there's a tiiiny pull, one can't tell the difference, and the symmetry is not thrown off.
Started weekend early...Found out I made the dance team I tried out for (traditional western Indian dance) on Wednesday, so we had a little party for the team members on Thursday (which ended up being just a whole lot of everyone's friends in our apartment), then headed off to a club and had a great time with everyone...good way for everyone to get to know each other, since there were quite a few new faces on the team (my roomate was on the team the past year, and I'm...
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Kept it low key over the weekend...sort of Turned 21 on Saturday, and spent a good chunk of the afternoon covering the fall concert at our school for the newspaper...awesome stuff coz I love it. Some of my friends in the crowd yelled to the performer (Wale) that it was my 21st birthday and he dedicated a song to me (it was about hennesey). Awesome...then dinner+drinks and had some friends over and just chilled. Today, thought my landlord was coming so quickly cleaned...
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Price cuts! chorse, won't be taking the batik tie
Quote: Originally Posted by GiantSwan Hey everyone... I have some questions about dry denim and the like. I know all the answers must have been posted before, but after about an hour with the search function i was starting to wonder if maybe someone could just direct me to the answers. Right now, and for the next year at least, I'm living in Okayama, Japan. Much to my surprise it turns out that Kojima, the town where a lot of high end Japanese denim...
Hey guys...I'm trying to buy Tsubi DeeDee's and just wanted to know if they fit true to size...aka is a 28 really a 28 or is it vanity sized at all? Also, how much do they shrink? The one's I want to buy aren't raw, so I'm not worried about fading.
Quote: Originally Posted by apwrxmd Anyone know what jeans fit like KMW 2010's?? I been looking for a pair of jeans like that but not raw. Also does anyone know any good none raw jeans that aren't super expensive. Cheap Monday has raw/selv for pretty cheap...$80 if the sfxdb discount still applies
fit is the most important thing. Also, I've found that if you're able to soak up as much information from the forums, then you can take the liberty to break some rules, and more often than not, it is accepted (except being too conservative and not wearing a PS...I was berated for that one and I'm still recovering!).
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