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grooming lounge is nice. It's not really in the area you specify, but go to the Watergate barber. (Watergate shops)...2 minute walk from Foggy Bottom metro stop
my ass grabbed some dude's wife
went out last night to a diversity event ball thrown by the school, was kinda lame but had to show face...had a drink and left early. Last week I decided that I wasn't prepared to run the marine corps 10k I had signed up for over the summer, and then some sort of discussion with a friend left me feeling as though I should run it anyhow. So, I slept early, woke up early, headed over to the Pentagon and finished the 10k without stopping, 9 minutes shy of the time I had...
just do black tie?
plain ol' g&t...gordons + canada dry
Last night, had dance (raas, if you're curious, it's a traditional western Indian type of dance) practice, dipped out early to pick up press pass to the Robin Williams stand up show that the school had for parents weekend. Got there, found out all I needed to find out so I could figure out where I could take pictures, chilled for a bit with a local Wire Image photog until the show started. I had only the first 5 minutes to take my pictures, so that was a blur of running...
So I'm rather fond of the sleekness offered by my flat front trousers ironed with the crease up front, and I was wondering if the same is possible/allowed with chords?
same problem here...solution: Tailor.
went to the pub once before class...not the best idea right before an evening class...when the prof's reviewing orbital mechanics for the people that didn't take a course in it, the beer tends to augment that sleepy feeling...
Anyone have any idea how much these in size 28 will shrink after an initial soak: http://www.contextclothing.com/brand...dry_indigo.php ?
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