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ok so excuse the lack of tie...I've come home for thanksgiving and left all my shirts at my apartment, BUT this came in and I had to try it with a short sleeve OCBD. Also excuse the wrinkling...the suit made quite a long journey in a cramped suitcase:
HDR of Union Station Great Hall:
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin James Bond has always used only the FIH. I recall when in one of the books, Ian Fleming states that any other knot such as the Windsor is the mark of a cad. +1 on the knot Also, in From Russia With Love I remember Fleming saying Bond never trusted a man who wore a full windsor, or something to that effect.
Mechanical Engineering Lab Heat Transfer CAD - Mechanical System Design Aircraft Design Contracts and Specifications and possibly a Post-Colonialism lit class
I got invited to the private, one time use sale thing, and I had a quick question: On items that are already on sale, what is the discount? Is it 40% + 15%, or is it just 15%?
MC's a Diwali Show with my roomate...a lot of fun, though I was pissing my pants coz it was the first time for me on stage in front of 200+ people...still, lot's of fun. After party in the middle of DC...pregamed with the e-board that hosted the show (only really had one vodka + coke, because, really, I don't like vodka, and it was mixed with coke...even worse?) to the after party...had a bombay martini (I've started to insist on bombay nowadays), then a bombay...
we got a black Felix Leiter, didn't we? Wasn't he white in the books?
one of the most memorable nights of my life: Following basically Obama's clear win, around 11:30 or so, I went to the White House with pretty much all of DC and just cheered and yelled for a couple of hours. DC was out of control!
w00t...did the marine corps 10k yesterday...6.2 miles, 54 minutes. I had NOT trained for it since the summer time...last run more than a mile was about 3 months ago, so, not bad, eh?
grooming lounge is nice. It's not really in the area you specify, but go to the Watergate barber. (Watergate shops)...2 minute walk from Foggy Bottom metro stop
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