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Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud -S-Video quality SUCKS -Sound will still come from your PC speakers not the TV -To do anything you will have to go up to your PC (which has to be next to your TV) -You can't use your PC while watching TV -The whole thing is going to look welfare Projector + computer + 25 ft cable + 5.1 soundcard + 750 watt home theater + bluetooth keyboard/mouse = win.
question: It doesn't look that way in this picture, but what if one's shoulders are actually that wide? How is the suit kept from looking like it's too big?
I'm attending an inaugural ball (Black tie!) and that's about it. A friend of mine is renting out her town house for a week, I think, getting $10k or something ridiculous. Not bad for a week!
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 you went to a few bars, got home and played some cards and still left at 12 30? wtf is this gr 7? u r teh nerd. i didnt know chucky cheese served beer. oh snap! Got him beat...spent all weekend studying for finals/typing up a 22 page Aerodynamics lab report
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 I have a questions for the experts here. How do you get that sort of synthetic/surreal quality to your pictures (I assume they're digital)? Here it's my hair and guitar that stand out the most. Is this a special filter or effect? Or simply high quality equipment and a lot of skill? I think it's just the way the light has bounced off the subjects. The second one looks a bit overexposed + your hair...
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Apparently Elements doesn't process HDR I believe there are a couple of free HDR processing programs out there slycedbred I really wish I had the subject matter you have! Great pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast migo, How did you combine the shots to create the HDR? I'm running Photoshop Elements 5.0 and have no idea what I'm doing (I just figured out how to take the shots with my Nikon D50). I use up bridge, select the pictures you want, tools>photoshop>merge to HDR (or something to that effect), and the rest is messing with curves and all that. if you google it, there are plenty of tutorials nowadays
Quote: Originally Posted by Geruvah Glad to see it done in a way that doesn't make the scene look so surrealistic. It was meant to mimic what the eye sees but some people take it a step too far. Not that I'm saying that it's a bad thing. Yea I like my HDR's to be realistic. Mostly do it to get the details in dark places with super bright windows, so I can turn up the shutter speed a bit without getting crazy blowouts
My parents just had a dinner suit made for me abroad and the tailor forgot to face the buttons with fabric, so that they are just plain right now. Can I get this done by a tailor in the US? I live in DC. Also, is it expensive?
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Who made it? Made by tailor in India...just sent over a coat and trousers and they replicated...I didn't even know the vest was going to be made, but it's pretty spot on Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers That is quite nice. The funny gif-like banding doesn't help, though. Edit: it is a gif! Let's party like it's 1999. Yea...had to cut down the image size
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