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Dr. Dre - The Chronic
Just want to add that I have applied to all the big defense companies around DC...if anyone knows of any smaller companies in and around the DC area that are hiring your help would be great. Getting an MS in engineering or an MBA is an eventual goal of mine, but at the moment I'd ideally like to have some practical work experience before I go back to school.
Hey guys, So I've just graduated with my bachelor's degree in mechanical/aerospace engineering and this whole job-search business is not going too well, as you can imagine with this economy. I just wanted to throw this out there, but if anyone can help me find a mechanical/aerospace/systems engineering job in the Washington DC metro area, I'd really appreciate it! Migo
I just filled out my profile now that I've graduated. If anyone's interested in a recent Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer grad contact, PM me your information!
[quote=freshcutgrass;1878485]You may find the exact opposite happening now. The C2 has a very high efficiency of nearly 96db. It's important to match speaker efficiency in a surround system, or the effect is less than ideal. No actually it's made the hugest difference. My front speakers are 150watt and my old center was 20. I couldn't drive it because it would distort so basically when watching movies, it was pretty ineffective. The c2 doesn't distort when the volumes...
major resurrection, but is there anything wrong with both ?
just picked up a Klipsch C2 center from circuit city for $40 (down from what like $250 or whatever). My tiny center channel has been severely lacking compared to the other 4.1 speakers of mine so i'm pretty excited to try it out. Anyone have any reviews?
Just returned a sale item, so they only gave me store credit. Don't really want anything. The exact amount is $29.40
Mr. Burns, did you use a filter for that desert picture? The saturation is amazing. Here's my lens pr0n:
I remember reading this in The Suit, but I think the difference was that the help is purposely dressed in a combination of black tie that is just not right, so that they may look decent, but you know that they aren't a guest because what they wear isn't correct. Not sure if that holds true today, considering what I saw on guests at the inaugural ball last night...
New Posts  All Forums: