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Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know of an actual store in the DC/MD/VA area that I can visit to check this stuff out?
I'm saving up for my first system too (every bachelor pad needs a nice stereo, right? ) Anyway, I've heard good things about the Rega P1 TT, but can anyone share any thoughts on it? Also, does anyone know how it pairs with the above mentioned phono pre-amp?
Going to pull this thread out of the grave but I could use some suggestions on real dress shoes, too. The only caveat (and very, very limiting factor) is my size: I'm a US 6-6.5D in an AE PA. So far I've managed to scavenge ebay/B&S for Park Ave's, AE Chester (though in a 7, so slightly big, but ok once or twice a week at work), and a pair of Alden monstraps in pebble grain. The brogues were pretty beat up when I bought them, but I nursed them back to a decent state (I...
Vapiano and Nandos. They're both right by the Gallery Place Metro, and they're both reaaally good.
just started me a photo-a-day project that I hope to continue for all 2010: http://Shamigo.wordpress.com
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y That's a great accessory. I wish every PMP (eg. iPod) came with a compressor and limiter built-in. There should be preset defaults for different situations: quiet room (off), noisy subway or plane (full-spectrum compression), car audio, etc. You would think that it would be a great feature on TVs too, and easy to sell to the mass market. --Andre Engadget or Gizmodo had an article where they visited...
I can't say much since I've just graduated, but what I do wish I'd known is 1) Always have a plan B (grad school might not work out), and 2) Start looking for a job early, and work at it. Will continue to learn these lessons until I find a job
http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?p...d=aRuuadVNpKAs Residential economists: Does this affect the consumer at all? I feel as though it could go both ways: They could drop prices in an effort to move merchandise, or they could rely on their clientelle to keep spending because their usual customers can probably still afford to keep spending. Does any of this makes sense?
Being unemployed. Oh and when NASA decides to straight up get rid of positions I have applied for.
Sadly enough, I can blame the economic climate on my hard time finding a job, at least one in the aerospace industry which is where I'm looking (just graduated as mechanical/aerospace engineer). I've read a lot of articles saying the industry is at a low, and there are rarely (if any) entry level openings. With that said, I am using the time to teach myself a lot of business related stuff (just picked up some b-school text books and read through them...most of it is common...
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