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I know there's a thread or two out there on this topic but I'm not entirely sure how up to date they are, so feel free, if you're a mod, to delete this. I've recently moved to Orlando and, as the title suggests, I'm looking for a tailor that does a good job bringing in shirts (preferably at a reasonable price). I'm not opposed to traveling out to the surrounding areas, if necessary. Thanks in advance
Thanks for the suggestion, though I'm not sure I wanna get those shipped here to US just to try them out. I guess I'll keep looking around. If anyone has a source in/around DC, that would be greatly appreciated!
anyone know where I can get a pair of shoe trees for small shoes? AE doesn't make trees that fit their own size 6 shoes.
Still weighing this turn table purchase in my head. Does anyone have anything to say about the Pro-ject debut III vs. Rega RP1? They're both getting good reviews all around (relatively speaking, in terms of value for the price) but the Pro-ject is cheaper (I'd want to put the roughly $100 difference towards the phono preamp).
Quote: Originally Posted by amnesiac Nice grados. I have a pair of SR60s that I enjoy for certain moods. I find them to be a bit bright for my tastes but run through my Marantz 1060 and a bit of EQ they smooth out quite nicely. Yea the 80's are a little less bright, I think, but I still have to be in a very quiet environment in order to hear the lows well enough. Still, the headspace is very nice. Can anyone recommend a (inexpensive)...
Just got these in today: Incredible.
Been posting updates for the last few months up my photo blog:
got this for ~$70
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Random sunday night out with the boys. First stopped by buddies spot for some smokes and tequila. Wind up at 18 street lounge in dupont circle. Massive crowd, run into an old coworker and her younger brother. Pay the silly cover charge and roll in. It's packed, but the crowd is somewhat lame. Buy a bunch of drinks, hit on some cute turkish girls and leave after an hours or so. Head to L2 in georgetown for a party. It's...
spoke with the guy at sound org. This is the DMV store he told me about: Gifted Listener Audio 5720 Pickwick Road Centreville, VA 20121 703-818-8000
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