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Anyone have any info on this boot? On ebay. Look similar to nonnative wanderers. [[SPOILER]] Thanks!
I suggested they offer the option to ship Royal Mail to let their US customers try to duck the customs and got this response:"Thank you for your reply. We understand that this matter is frustrating. It is also for us as we are aware it will affect our business either way. We are looking into the issue in full to come to some resolve as soon as possible. We can certainly ship with Royal Mail. If you wished to place a new future order please email with your order number once...
End did the same to me, used pre-code price on customs form. I emailed End to have it changed, but they said they legally need forms to "match our invoice totals held here with the company. We apologise that we cannot help any further with this issue." I emailed FedEx the End invoice with post-code price to see if they would change, never heard back. Picked up package today at FedEx office--no customs paid. But I had to fill out a US Treasury 5106 customs form with...
Wish you did an updated Chesterfield this season. I like this interpretation, but just not as tight as the more classic styled TOJ (in cracked pepper!).(EG one is on sale 50% off, PS)
Kitsune for $350 from End w code but got hit with customs. fuck.
Have not heard from you in 5 weeks....
did someone say Aloha Rag sale starts today? details?
Hello Rocco-- I have not heard from you for over three weeks, in response to the incorrect item that you sent me. Hoping that I can reach you here. Please respond as soon as possible. Order number 1928-2876. Thanks!
SNS Herning Amalgam Sweater--Black Melange Medium, NEVER WORN
Margiela Combat Boots sz41-42 BIN $200
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