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Should shorter men avoid boots that go over the ankle? I'm 5'7 and would like a pair of over the ankle boots to tuck my jeans into in bad weather, but I'm not sure if they will make my leg appear shorter and end up looking ridiculous.
Thanks for all the helpful replies! It is indeed a very cheap suit so it makes sense that it'd be some combination of poor construction and bad posture. Just saved me an expensive trip to the tailor
Thanks guys. I'm working on correcting my posture at the moment so I think you're all right that it is most likely a factor. Regarding the references to "how you are wearing the suit" and the sizing of the jacket, is the implication here that this problem could be caused by a suit jacket that is too small?
Thanks for the response. Pulling down on the sleeve (pulling the end of the sleeve towards the ground) certainly does make it flatten out. Not perfectly, but it definitely helps.
Hi guys, Would anybody be able to offer an explanation for the obvious roll / ridge in the shoulder on the left of this suit? Depending on what the cause of this issue is, would a tailor be able to fix it for a reasonable price? Thanks, John
Quote: Originally Posted by utexas ^ Oh, well don't I feel like a jerk now. Haha, it was a fair guess!
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits Where do you work that requires you to wear black on black? Im not really a big fan of black shirts in general but a mid grey tie might work well for you. Whatever you do dont wear a white tie or you will look like a tool. I'm a sales assistant working in retail, so unfortunately there's no way to avoid it! Thanks for your response!
My uniform for work is black shoes, black trousers, black shirt, and a tie. Should I just buy a plain black tie, or are there any colors which could work against a completely black outfit?
Can anybody point me towards some black boat shoes with a black sole, for around $100 or less? I know Sperry and Sebago apparently make them, but they're proving hard to get my hands on here in Europe.
I wanted a cotton suit for a summer wedding and my graduation. Picked up a nice slim-fit one in H&M for €85 total in a nice medium grey with a slightly blue tint. It's 100% cotton and not shiny at all (though the exact same suit in navy, for example, was extremely shiny). I'm very short and my only other option was Topman at more than double the price and in their unflattering "skinny" fit (the jacket would barely reach past my belt line!) You get what you pay for, once...
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