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Should shorter men avoid boots that go over the ankle? I'm 5'7 and would like a pair of over the ankle boots to tuck my jeans into in bad weather, but I'm not sure if they will make my leg appear shorter and end up looking ridiculous.
+1Expecting us to order your most expensive shirts without the option of seeing the fabric beforehand is bizarre.You say that the issue is that the fabric has to be imported when a shirt is ordered, so you don't have any to use as a sample. The obvious solution is to order in some of the fabric, and just keep it in your warehouse/offices. If someone requests a sample, then you'll be able to provide it, and if someone orders a shirt in that fabric then you can just use the...
DahveedNG; I have the same problem with rolling the shirt sleeves above the elbows, and I agree that the placket on the sleeves seems to be too short. (Edit: for the time being, try rolling the shirt sleeves before you put on the shirt - it takes some trial and error but you'll be able to roll them higher than you would if you were wearing the shirt) I also find the cuffs to be too stiff, and wish that there was a soft (or unlined?) option for the collar which could also...
Thanks for all the helpful replies! It is indeed a very cheap suit so it makes sense that it'd be some combination of poor construction and bad posture. Just saved me an expensive trip to the tailor
Thanks guys. I'm working on correcting my posture at the moment so I think you're all right that it is most likely a factor. Regarding the references to "how you are wearing the suit" and the sizing of the jacket, is the implication here that this problem could be caused by a suit jacket that is too small?
Thanks for the response. Pulling down on the sleeve (pulling the end of the sleeve towards the ground) certainly does make it flatten out. Not perfectly, but it definitely helps.
Hi guys, Would anybody be able to offer an explanation for the obvious roll / ridge in the shoulder on the left of this suit? http://i.imgur.com/zUuxh.jpg http://imgur.com/BztLp.jpg Depending on what the cause of this issue is, would a tailor be able to fix it for a reasonable price? Thanks, John
StanleyVanBuren, I just received a shirt with a soft collar and collar stays, so as you already know it is completely possible and they have done it before. Regarding swatches, I tried to order swatches of some fabrics (their $99+ oxfords) and I think out of ten fabrics only one was actually available as a swatch. What's the logic behind not allowing custom swatches for your more expensive shirts? If I'm going to spend that much money on a shirt over the internet then of...
+1 on having certain fabrics in stock all the time. Plain white, blue, some striped fabrics, and some oxfords that are always in stock would be great. Buy these fabrics in bulk if you can so that when somebody recommends a fabric, we can actually buy it instead of it being sold out. And when you do run out of stock, please try and bring the same fabric back in again. Another poster suggested that you look at a Ralph Lauren catalogue (or just their website) and copy...
I would also like to see pictures of shirts which are un-edited. As others have said, I just want to see what the patterns look like in full-scale rather than in a small 4x4 inch section. It doesn't need to look amazing.
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