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Picked up some goodies today
Great coat and price, used to own it. I'd buy this if it were size small.
Poster personality/ reputation plays a big role as well. Also groupthink taking place where if someone with a big rep will say "that fit sucks" everyone else might look at it differently (i.e. trying to find something wrong with it) than if the person had said "wow doap fit." Just some stuff I've noticed over the years of posting/viewing outfits of men on the internet.
Picking up the Junya cardi in a few hours!
Everyone looks better in real life I'd be willing to bet. Photo has so much to do with it. In a photo most people look so unnatural and the garments aren't in action so it probably looks much worse.
Absolutely makes a HUGE difference
TOJ items show up as a giant penis while going through the full body scanners
Drops for the lunch break browsers, the unemployed(prolly shouldn't be coppin jawnz), and students and everyone else help me fund jawnz
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Looks pretty weak so far...does it improve once in-store sales are live? Always a better selection instore. and yea, Barneys will gladly do a phone order. edit: I believe the store is going on instores as of today as well. My SA just emailed me to come pick up my presale today if I wanted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol what the fuck? this is awesome I know right! I think it might possibly raise security issues, but I saw the commercial and decided my bank needs to adopt it.
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