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Barneys sale now online!
I wish my bank had that feature where you can just take a picture or a check and it gets deposited. It's 20 degrees out and the bank is so far
Saks Designer Sale online some Dior, MMM, APC, Rag & Bone
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Just saw at Roden. Nice but seems short to me. Though everything does, lately. I suggest you get a S. Originally I was gonna get small but than someone told me stay true but if you saw it in person I think we're about the same size minus height so I'll go with small Wish some cool Ervell stuff would pop up on the bay, always seems like the same stuff.
anyone own the aw10 Ervell fairisle? true to size right? coppin tomorrow I think
h8 not knowing if a buyer is actually gonna pay you or not. Especially if it's a large sum. I tend to spend the money in my mind and get so disappointed if the buyer flakes.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist ^ +1, interested in knowing. Those looks are all great. Just me and my bros, chillin' in our epic knits.
CPS added
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