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Al's Beef on Taylor st. I suppose I can endorse Portillos as well.
Do you need to post about everything you do in 5 threads? I can assure you that nobody cares.
Chicago meetup soon?
G&TG definitely does accept reservations... and is very overrated. I like Quartino better than Osteria via Stato... Avec and Blackbird are great, Sepia is good. Lula Cafe is my favorite restaurant but pretty far from downtown. Aviary is awesome - I have only been once. Schwa was the best meal of my life to date. My other favorite cocktail spots are The Whistler, Maria's. Berkshire Room is one of the best cocktail spots in the loop. Three Dots and a Dash is a cool...
160 retail
Brand new - $230 retail
$300 retail 34 waist
Fits slightly big man - not big enough to size down though.I recently traded my M for a Large and have worn it so many times already.
Brand new Kitsune Tee sweatshirts - Size M available $135----115----105
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