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Taking sales into consideration here... which the department stores usually tend to do better on. Definitely will check out Nepenthes as well.
Can anyone tell me what the NYC department stores buys look like this season? Saks/Bloomies/Barneys? Did any pick up the batik blazer or foulard?
Looks like I won't be buying anything on my NYC trip....spent way too much at an auction yesterday. Jens Risom table Grete Jalk for Poul Jeppesen lounge chair
Top of box is missing Non-negotiable price.
Usually yes
So many non paying bidders lately, unbelievable. Why go through the trouble of creating an account just to buy something you don't pay for?
Maybe you have to pay for the drinks but they match the vibes of the jawnz?
Poor judgement call but I highly doubt it was intentional.
Box included but not box top. A name that needs no introduction, Yuketen is the brain child of Yuki Matsuda, working with Artisans across the US to recreate true American footwear classics. Each pair is lovingly hand-finished, perfectly representing the rich and vast heritage of shoe-making in America. The Country Ranger is one of the most popular Yuketen designs of recent years, this Oxford shoe - inspired by the outdoor footwear worn by US forest rangers - features the...
I have these Levi's, they're awesome. Size 2829 for cheap:
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