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Roll up the sleeves or have them shortened - otherwise looks good.
Indepence-Chicago.com memorialday20 for 20% off
20% at independence-chicago.com with memorialday20
Haha well I assumed and hoped.. I won't have a car and will only be in town on business for 2 days. First time to LA and likely won't be back for awhile.I literally know nothing about the city so any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I would much rather get some pointers from you guys as opposed to browsing yelp and the likes...
Hi friends, What must I do near the Beverly Hilton? Mid June. I enjoy good cocktails, coffee, cheap food.
Okay this worked once so why not try again - Looking to trade my SS14 Olive bedford size L for an XL I would also take the navy, or the batik or foulard jackets. Or possibly an older season XL SS jacket + cash? Also looking to trade my Northwoods jacket.
Thanks for the info!
Taking sales into consideration here... which the department stores usually tend to do better on. Definitely will check out Nepenthes as well.
Can anyone tell me what the NYC department stores buys look like this season? Saks/Bloomies/Barneys? Did any pick up the batik blazer or foulard?
Looks like I won't be buying anything on my NYC trip....spent way too much at an auction yesterday. Jens Risom table Grete Jalk for Poul Jeppesen lounge chair
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