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Cool, what's the materials?
Cool Jil leather for big guys http://www.grailed.com/listings/7984-jil-sander-s-s-leather-jacket-light
Normally the store will contact you to square up payment after you order off Rakuten
Roll up the sleeves or have them shortened - otherwise looks good.
Indepence-Chicago.com memorialday20 for 20% off
20% at independence-chicago.com with memorialday20
Haha well I assumed and hoped.. I won't have a car and will only be in town on business for 2 days. First time to LA and likely won't be back for awhile.I literally know nothing about the city so any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I would much rather get some pointers from you guys as opposed to browsing yelp and the likes...
Hi friends, What must I do near the Beverly Hilton? Mid June. I enjoy good cocktails, coffee, cheap food.
Okay this worked once so why not try again - Looking to trade my SS14 Olive bedford size L for an XL I would also take the navy, or the batik or foulard jackets. Or possibly an older season XL SS jacket + cash? Also looking to trade my Northwoods jacket.
Thanks for the info!
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