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Has anyone seen the skate shoes on sale? Specifically the blood luster, pina collada, suede ones?
Can't believe the only blazer Barney's picked up is the crazy floral one
Are there any EG stockists in Beverly Hills? Barneys or Saks?
Large, I've had both for sale
Soho had one expedition jacket... I don't really remember the rest except the cotton hooded vest and a few t shirts
They had them at the Bloomingdales in New York City, call and they take phone orders.It was 40% off.
That's the route I took as well...
Thanks, picked up a Dries blazer I had my eyes on. Hope it fits.
Barely used denim Bedford L for $215... won't last! http://www.styleforum.net/t/397173/engineered-garments-gray-denim-bedford-size-l
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