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Hello from Jacksonville EG Russel Athletic J Crew Sperry
SS14 Baker
Houndstooth hurts my eyes.
This is so awesome
I'm open to offers
Rare piece - got this from Bergdorf. Brand new. 100% cotton
Retail on this was $2830. Material is suede-like lamb. 23" p2p (approx - no defined seam) 29" S2sleev 19.5" s2s 27.75" back length
Let's put that 5 on the other side of the decimal and we can talk....Just kidding though - happy to help.
Hit me up when you graduate so I can refer you for a job and make money from it - nevermind I don't get paid for recent grad hires.
I know it's EG and you don't have to follow any roolz but I think those would look better without all the buttons done... Seems to be pulling a bit much?
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