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Anyone in Jacksonvile, FL, NYC or Charlotte, NC want to hang out? Travelling for work and going to be bored at night...
Tagged XL but fits TINY! Idk if it was tailored or mislabeled or what but it's too small for me. Price is non-negotiable Great jacket and great deal if it fits you. Measurements: Pit to pit: 21" Collar to bottom (center back): 27 1/2" Sleeve (center back to cuff): 32" Sleeve (pit to cuff): 18"
Love super heavy jackets
Thanks, I can definitely try and grab some. There's no indication at all of season. I'm surprised but it doesn't even have a tag stating where it was made and of which materials. All it has is the black Ervell tag, size tag and a small tag that says dry clean only.
What size? I have a size M I'd trade for it if it's large. I'll add some cash.
Thanks man, my grandpa left me a pretty awesome workshop.I bought a big sheet of plywood, measured it and cut it, nailed it together, sanded and stained.The legs I grabbed on ebay.
Old Ervell EG Built this cabinet... Pretty happy with how it came out for my first try at anything like this
Just got this old Ervell jacket from one of the first seasons.
Vans Chukkas
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