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I'll always want and need my music collection. Things like Pandora and Spotify are awesome, but for me nothing beats the collection I've accumulated since I was roughly 12 years old. I also like not having to depend on a wi-fi/cellular connection plus I don't worry about using data. If and when I use Spotify it's almost always on my desktop.
That's cool. I think it syncs Safari bookmarks too.I'll always need to connect my iPhone when I get a new one because I need to dump my music collection onto it.
How does it work? iCloud instantly loads up all your purchased apps and contacts? Anything else? Bookmarks?I'm planning on a fresh install.
This is true. T-Mobile is getting nano-SIM'S next month. But don't forget that you'll be running on Edge speeds only for some time. 4G is currently only available in 3 cities. (NYC, Seattle, Vegas.)
Well, let's assume your white iPhone is coming on Friday. And let's assume it's coming in the afternoon sometime. The only chance you have of getting an iPhone from AT&T on Friday, I think it's safe to assume, is if you wait in line very early. So logistically it's impossible to get the black iPhone from AT&T's store and then refuse the white model. If you think this doesn't matter, and you can simply purchase the black model that morning and return the white one somehow...
I need to read more.Not that I'm in the market for an iTouch, but I have to say the new ones are amazing. Apple put the same screen on them as they did with the iPhone 5. Last year the iTouch got an inferior IPS compared to the 4S. They also are clearly aiming for the kids/teen market by providing those colors and that lanyard thing. The only odd thing is that they are not offering an 8 or 16 GB new gen iTouch. You can still buy the 16/32 models of the 4th gen on the Apple...
b1os I'm blocking you on grounds that you are uttering some utter nonsense about me throughout this thread.Your decision to tell Cal that I was insulting him but pointing out something I said in passing pages back is really fucking bizarre and sad. You are trying to turn fellow SF members against me for no reason whatsoever.My opinion that people that wait in line are losers was a generalization. Which I'm sure everybody in this thread understood. I'm talking specifically...
b1os, what the fuck is your problem?When I wrote that, I was speaking in general terms. It was not directed at CalTex or anyone specifically. If he wants to wait in line, that's his choice. So when you say I called him a loser, you're just starting shit for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Get a fucking life man.
I never called you a loser. I have no idea what b1os is talking about.
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