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Returned my AirPods this morning. Loved the case. Loved having no wires. Hated the ambient noise leaking in. Sound quality to my ears is on par with Apple EarPods. That will be sufficient for some people. Not for me. Lack of inline controls is a huge miss. I've been using the X3's for a few hours now. Much better sound quality compared to AirPods. And you can tweak EQ with a dedicated app. I'd love to go totally wireless in the future but nothing on the current market...
Are people in Canada still rocking these like crazy? Here in Boston I sadly see them a lot now. I sold my Ontario last winter but still like my Chateau a great deal.
It is a stupid name for a company but the coats don't feature any texts. They do appear to be very warm and of great quality. Plus 40% off is a great deal in early December.
40% Moose Knuckles official site. Code is WEARFUR. That's pretty amazing given we are in the heart of winter season.
Authorized retailers of CG are being careful to not include CG in their cyber monday deals. Probably because it sells so well on its own and they don't want to piss off CG which usually frowns upon deeply discounted CG gear. 2012 CG means some really nice new models, a really nicely redesigned website, and prices reaching an absurd level. Just to put things in perspective the Chateau retailed for $495 when it debuted in 2009 and now will set you back $695. Shameful. Ditto...
Alright, here are my thoughts, and then I'm done with this thread. I got my iPhone 5 this afternoon and have been using it pretty much non-stop save for a few hours of drinks at a bar tonight. The short answer is that this blows my iPhone 4 away. What I Love Probably the biggest surprise, and it's really not mentioned enough in the professional reviews, is this screen. Despite having the same ppi as my iPhone 4, the colors are superior and everything is sharper and more...
Oh my God! This is a total burn! You took my avatar, added an Apple logo, and it's like total win on your side! You totally burned me dude!!!!!!!The fact that you even took the time to make this and put it on an internet forum really says everything.I'll be posting my initial impressions after I use my phone for a few hours tomorrow. After that I will never contribute to this thread again. Some of you are the biggest fucking losers.
Well, at least you are aware of it.
You really are an enormous fucking loser Piobaire. My iPhone will be arriving tomorrow before 3 pm at my doorstep. You on the other hand cry on an internet forum that maybe you shouldn't have preordered because you need strangers on the internet to make decisions for you, you fucking child.
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