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Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection I dont know how you would know. The lab that I deal with has a great lab and I know they do amazing work. I have taken tours of their lab and learn from them as well. It is actually a friend of mine. In terms of who is good local for you? I have no idea. Where are you located? I'm in Houston.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection Refinishing is possible. I have seen amazing work from my lab. They will strip it, sand it, re-paint it, clear coat it, bake it and it should be better than new. Depends how much it is worth to you though. It could cost upwards of $100 if done very well. Or it could be $20 at a shop that hires some part-time kid to do it. New frames would cost upwards of $100 as well, so that's not really an...
So, eyeglass finish repair. It's new prescription time but my ~10yo sunglasses are starting to show their age. How reasonable would it be to get them refinished? Would they be able to match the old color? I assume it would involve stripping all the current metal? Damage pics (the duller/darker color is the original finish): Alternatively, if that's not really reasonable, suggestions for similar styles are welcome. Other than the lens shape, the other distinctive bit...
Looks like they're available now, but only sizes 7-11.
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz really dont understand why people dont just always buy their tagged size... ive never had a problem doing that In my closet I have garments tagged S, M, L, and XL that all fit. What size should I buy? :P
Quote: Originally Posted by epic raccoon I just received my first pair of socks from and they are ridiculously comfortable. I've bought from them as well. Shipping was faster than I expected and you get a discount for buying 6 of kind.
Shame you went heavy on the S and light on the XL.
It's a real wet snow and it isn't sticking currently. Should this afternoon though and will be great for packing snow/ice balls. :P~
Quote: Originally Posted by Closer I live in Houston and we really are supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow today. This has never happened. I have lived here 34 years. You must live in a different Houston. :P We get "decent" snow like every 3-4 years on average. IIRC either 1992 or 1993 snowed a good bit harder than it is currently.
How is their pricing for general alterations? I've been looking for a decent place in Houston.
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