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It's a trick question. There really is nothing in between the $500 and $5K+ watches. Decide if you want to really man up to the big leagues.
Schools need money these days. If you want to worry about something, worry about getting a job when you finish your degree. Good luck.
It takes a pair to wear a pair. Go for it!
I came up w/ my own version. It is better than the '68 version.
Go for it. You don't have to convince us.
I'm sure you can find some law school which will accept you w/ a low GPA. You don't want to waste your life by making $35k a year. Go for it! Forget about the debt, you'll make that up in no time once you start working for a big firm.
Vintage Cole Haans are my favorite shoe. You can still find some on eBay. Just be sure that they are stamped "Made in USA." Their old Bragano line from Italy was also superb, especially if you like low vamps. As everyone else has said, stay away from the current stuff.
When it comes to vintage frames, you can't beat the selection and prices on eBay. You can find 10k and 14k frames for under $300. Not gold-filled or base metal. Much better prices and selection than from a dealer.
I met Lisa Birnbach in SF at a book signing last month. An amazingly attractive and gracious woman. She looks more 37 than her real age of 57. As for the book, no comment.
Charvet makes an excellent bow tie. They are hard to find but well worth the effort and dollars.
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