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Posts by ysb This Instagram account my wife uses to buy and sell just posted this up. Don't know details of the piece but $55.
I don't know how much wear you or the guy I bought it from put into it but it's been in my hands for probably 3 years and I feel like I'm finally putting a dent into it. I've worn it heavily for the past two weeks for some trips back east and have gotten several compliments on itAgree that this thing is like armor and I feel like I'm burning extra calories just wearing it around.
Caught a moment last weekend in my hotel room where I thought the lighting was good and testing new phone camera. Reverse cow (literally the whole cow) stooges and dual zip culatta.
Anyone with experience with the Transform 2-in-1 jacket? looking for a lightweight waterproof/resistant shell with a hood with minimal branding, and this looks like it would fit the bill. Being in texas, I most likely wouldn't need the fleece liner, but kind of nice to have as an option. lightweight is key. @Rais gave me a good rec of the hyper shield light, and I've been keeping...
Selling three pairs of A1923 shoes in great condition and one pair of BBS curved zip ankle boots. All have been vibrammed and well taken care of. PM me for more info. for reference I"m an 11.5 consistently in Nike, 44 in CP 1. a1923 reverse deer strap trainers. Tagged size 45, but fits 11-11.5 $500 2. a1923 oiled horse double back trainer in white. Tagged size 43, but they fit me great $650 3. a1923 reverse calf dual zips. Tagged 45, fits closer to 12, 11.5 with...
Thanks for the recommendations. Both look good, not crazy about the logo on the chest. Do they make any versions without it?
Sorry if this has come up multiple times, but I'm looking for recommendations for a lightweight water resistant/proof shell with a hood that I can throw on in a quick storm. too bad I missed out on Isaora's ultralightweight windbreaker on sale, seems like it would have been perfect. I've been looking at the Veilance Isogon as well, but not sure how lightweight that is. ...
Fixed that for you
I stuff socks and underwear in my shoes when I travel.
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