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Fixed that for you
I stuff socks and underwear in my shoes when I travel.
Yup. here's a couple of pics from when I first got them:http://www.styleforum.net/t/248835/the-official-artisanal-streetwear-footwear-boots-shoes-sandals-thread-guidi-ccp-augusta-m-a-m-moria-carpe-diem-etc/17415#post_7858930I've been wearing out the CCP derbies more lately, but that's probably due to the fact that I was really trying to decide if I wanted to keep or resell. the issue was that the CCP fit great all through the forefoot, but there was still heel slippage,...
Some pickups from the past few months. Currently content with my collection, until I'm not anymore.
at the risk of blowing up my spot, can anyone give me some insight into the Dominik pant from last season? Seems like it's a fuller cut, cropped. Myhabit has it for 100$ is the 34 that's listed a 50 or a 52? I don't think they provide measurements. Thanks!
Thanks @sinnedkHeard from a retailer that they are indeed fakes.Sucks that by not wearing them much, I let all time limits for being able to dispute lapse. Lesson learned.
Hi, if this post isn't kosher someone let me know and I'll take it down. Can I get some advice from the experts confirming that this piece is fake? www.gr@iled.com/listings/12049 Back story: I bought these from this seller over a year ago, and after trying to resell because I never wore them grilled admins pulled my listings because someone commented that they were fakes and listed this evidence: Theyre fake. Ru code doesnt appear on drkshdw clothing. Font is also...
I want to know who bought the python layer-0 ankle boots for $300 on eBay. Please pair with these mmm python pants https://www.grilled.com/listings/313225-masion-martin-margiela-python-pants
All this talk about repairing our baller boots. I got a pair of Incarnation leather wedge sole boots last year. within 10 wears the leather sole started splitting from the boot, probably because it's so thick and heavy . I took it to a cobble who nailed the heels down, and when I wore the boots last week on a work trip I noticed the sole splitting at the midfoot area. What's the recommended course of action here? Would i have luck contacting Incarnation directly? ...
Selling a pair of good condition common projects slip ons with 3 holes for laces, or you can choose to go laceless as the tongue is attached with elastic. See pictures for an accurate depiction of their condition. Sold as-is. discounts are available for multiple item purchases Message me with any questions or if you need additional info
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