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You could buy from a place that allows returns. Or, and this is not exact, but you could also ask for measurements of the outsole and compare with something you own with a similar sole style that fits you.
I've been trying to search on the fit of these. Take your normal CP size?
These? They fit big. Would recommend size down
Those were going for 200$ from atrium at the end of spring this year.
If you've been looking for a pair of the all black qasa hi and are in sf, gimmeshoes on Hayes has them for around $300 after 20% discount. They had at least 10.5,11 and 11.5 still available
Incarnation boots are a pretty decent birthday present
I've been trying to find online somehere, but with little luck some kind of guide to general info about all of the different drkshdw jeans styles. Do the names of the models correspond to a type of cut? Thanks in advance
Thanks, that's what I'm doing.
question regarding a denim sale i made recently: Buyer receives the jeans and says that the crotch is near blown out (it's fading from normal wear, nowhere near blowing out), and that they are worth far less than what he paid. I had clear pictures and description of the jeans as used, but not closeups of the crotch, they were definitely not described as anywhere near new condition. Is it my responsibility to disclose that there is wear from normal use, or his to ask...
When listing on ebay I notice that it's very common practice to put related designer's names in your listing title so your item comes up in more searches. However, I did this recently and ebay pulled my listing saying that's against their policy. I'm guessing my listing got flagged because of the number of hits it got, but how is it that so many other sellers are able to do this? Do they just relist, or is there some trick to not setting off flags?
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