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Let me offer up an alternative suggestion: Soot Bull Jeep. After the dinner you will smell so much like charcoal and charred meat that you'll both need a shower. Offer the one at your place.
Anyone going to the ramen show in SGV this weekend?
Resurrecting this thread as in the coming weeks the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to drop and the new HTC One (M8) released yesterday. I had a chance to play with it in the Verizon store and it's really nice. navigating through the phone software, opening up apps, maps, or the camera was very quick and responsive. It seems to me that the hardware for Android phones is finally starting to catch up with the iPhone in terms of smoothness. I read a ton of reviews for the HTC...
Looks like the Mac coat
Great timing. I was just wondering about that place as I was walking by the other day and noticed the fire pit. BTW I always go to plan check at lunch when it's much more manageable.
Have you had the chicken sandwich at plan check? One of my favorites. I love their donut/churros
Don't know if this was posted already but CCP starting at $9. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=1512113369 Harharhar
Cold wash inside out and hang dry is fine. whatever shrinking happens in the wash stretches out after wearing them for a little bit.
American Rag 75% off. Lots of Wings and Horns bottoms (looked like the light blue 5 pocket pants, khaki chinos. Some Geller suits, N Hoolywood suits, Junya outerwear. and a fair amount of Schneider jackets.
Neither are straight fits, and both are pretty different from each other. The samurai has less of a taper, and a higher rise than the 301. I'd consider the 301 a more modern fit. Between the two it sounds like you'd be more into the samurai, but I'm not familiar with your reference jean either. at that waist and your desired leg opening of 7.5" you're going to have some taper.other suggestions:Flat Head SE05BSPPure Blue Japane xx-13Iron Heart either 666 or beatle...
New Posts  All Forums: