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Dont get to post here often, but wanted to share a recent pickup. Whore's oil.
Hope I'm not blowing up anyone's spot http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-sei-0-otto-derby-shoes-size-43-us-10-Made-in-Italy-10sei0otto-guidi-/261791553794?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cf3fe1902 seller also has a fair amount of smaller sized stuff that is priced well
bah. sold for $500. if it was someone on here that bought let me know if they don't work out.
I'm really considering those, but trying to find out some more details on the sizing. Seller says that they're probably more like a 45. Does that equate to a CCP 9 or 10? I'm usually a 44 in most brands, consistently a 11.5 in Nike, are these going to be a little large for me?
Quoted again because this post inspired me to go for it. First pair of CP's I've bought in years, been slowly selling all my pairs. FWIW I'm an 11.5 in Nike, and I'm on the snug side of 44, so I went with a 45. I was told that these fit similar to the BBall and I agree with that. The toe box is on the narrower side so keep that in mind.I think I'm ruined for regular CPs from now on. The rg collabs definitely get nicer makeups.
Black leather his with white sole. I honestly think you'll be pushing it being a 13, but its your call. Unless you're getting them for 125-150, you won't make any money back reselling.What colorway are you looking at?
I went tts. Some people size up if you have a wider foot. If you're paying full price make sure you can return.
You could buy from a place that allows returns. Or, and this is not exact, but you could also ask for measurements of the outsole and compare with something you own with a similar sole style that fits you.
I've been trying to search on the fit of these. Take your normal CP size?
These? They fit big. Would recommend size down
New Posts  All Forums: