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Knowing Phil as I do and him being a real Bovver Boy I think his belt was a weapon of choice. Probably tucked the jumper in for ease of access if you know where I'm coming from.
First time publication of a photo of a friend of mine (Phil Peacock) on the left at Bristol Bus Station in 1968. In case young uns are wondering about the monkey, back in those days no-one took a camera out with them unless it was a special event so any photos we're seeing on this site are a rarity in themselves. Places like nightclubs, piers, seafronts however often had a resident photographer who would dump a monkey on you and he'd then take your picture - you paid a...
You don't think it's a 1960s version of a 'high viz' jacket do you? Perhaps he was a council worker
Hi all, don't think these photos have been posted previously so apologies if they already have. They are of the previously mentioned 'Never on Sunday' gang who frequented a cafe of the same name in Fairfax Street, Bristol back in the mid/late 60s to early 70s. The first pic shows the guy whose photos they are (Kelvin Blake) on the right hand side, this was taken just around the corner from the cafe and that's his Mini behind. The second one is of a jolly in Torquay, both...
Sorry, should have replied to the photo of 'East End' lads of 1970, haven't been on here for a while!
These are all young Bristol City fans - in fact it features two of their top lads who still attend matches these days. East End refers to the City end where all the boot boys congregated which coincidentally has just been demolished to allow for redevelopment.
This is quite a game changer, as Cerneabbas says Levi two tone Sta-prest were de rigueur in Bristol, everyone and I mean everyone wore them. Austins was the store for us, they sold shed loads of them, can't believe for one moment they weren't sold in the rest of the country. Were Austins shops countrywide? But no, never saw or heard of two tone jackets but pretty certain there were Harrington style ones (as well as Prince of Wales check).So, we had something over the...
Never, ever remember a Levi Two Tone jacket, and if they did one I wouldn't wear it. What was popular was light brown needle cord jackets, exactly same style as the denim ones, think Levis, Lee Cooper and Wrangler all made them, mine was Lee Cooper, so much more stylish than wearing double denim.Incidentally Topper is not a well man these days and virtually housebound.
The most commonest ones were blue/maroon which gave a very nice purple look, I had the blue/black. I've mentioned another make as well previously which I think was CT, think they only sold them in Rodney Thomas so maybe they were their own brand?
I think it's on East Street and that's the old Robinson paper bag factory in the background (but I might be wrong). As you said it first appeared in the Western Daily Press in August 1971 at the start of the new football season, ironically seeing as the photo shows City fans fighting the three part series focussed more on the Tote End with the first installment carrying the headline 'The Lore of the Tote End mob':‘MEET THE TOTE END MOB, third in Soccer’s League of Violence...
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