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I take offense to the nice place in NJ sounds like an oxymoron. I live in NJ, 20 minutes north of Princeton. 45 minute train ride into Penn Station. My town was on Money Magazines Best Places to Live 2008. We placed 5th among America's best small cities. http://money.cnn.com/magazines/money...CS3424900.html
I got four wears out of a pair of suede Mora's before the strap with the buckle tore off. I have a few pairs of AE's on the same last that fit well, the Mora's were not a great fit.
New Moto Guzzi Griso Classic Triumph Bonneville The one motorcycle I can't forgive myself for selling .... Yamaha TDM850
Quote: Originally Posted by Beta Image dynamics= underrated. I looked into ID for my setup, but I am downfiring under a bench seat, so dimensions weren't going to work for what I was doing. The ARC Audio 10D I had in my setup is made by Image Dynamics. I consider ID products "Extremely" underrated. What car is this going into ? Are you sticking with the stock alternator ?
My beloved VW Golf had the following "old school" system before my wife forced me to get a real family car AKA Volvo HU - Pioneer Premier DEX P1R Speakers - Rainbow CS 265 P Profi Vanadium Sub - ARC Audio 10D (Sealed Hidden Box) Main Amp - Diamond Audio D7152 Sub amp - MMATS D700 Stinger 0 gauge power cables Not a super loud Bass monster but it was an awesome super stealthy SQ setup
Ed, I thought you only wore Blue ties ?
How do you look presentable despite the unbearable temperature ? For me its going to be linen trousers, linen shirt and a Panama hat. There are a handful of days a year that I don't wear a jacket and this is going to be one of them. I keep a Navy jacket and a few ties in my office in case I need to meet with anyone other than my direct staff. I am going to leave the house earlier so I don't have to be in the hell like subway at crush hour. Not looking forward...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman The Negrila in the Anne Rice novels lived 450 years. This had me laughing so hard my wife came over to see what the ruckus was about, needless to say she didn't get it.
Multiple positive comments about two of my least expensive shoes AE Westgate Borgioli Suede Monkstrap I have heard numerous negative comments from women about both Vass Budapesters and Alden Longwings.
I have a Phillips Bodygroomer, works well and very easy to use. I warn you, you are going to get "trigger happy" with it, last summer I would trim off a lot of chest hair because it was showing through my lightweight shirts, ended up shaving it all off one day. My wife couldn't stop laughing.
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