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Easy to use formula IQ-(annual salary/1000)+(penis length in inches ^2)
I suggest Kosher takeout on disposable plates.
Most recent obsession is custom hats. I have enough suits, odd jackets, shoes, shirts, ties, cufflinks, belts, socks, umbrellas, sunglasses, watches, coats, bags/cases, gloves, sweaters and pocket squares to last me through the next few decades.
Tax on accessories not on clothes
Bubble and Squeak Australian meat pies
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD ..........And please god, tell me that there are more videos of that Neo's girl. +1 Only clip showing a girl who can move her thing on beat. Nothing like a Latina shaking her azz.
Isaia is my favorite Corneliani makes up the vast majority of my wardrobe.
I have two sets of Robert Talbott cufflinks up for sale. $55 (paypal) shipped each set or $105 for both. Art Deco type design in Green and Brown. Silver with the "T" back. Black and Gold. Vermeil with the "T" back
SEI MAX Protein, both the chocolate and the vanilla are decent tasting. https://www.seipharmaceuticals.com/p...x-Protein.html
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