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Quote: Originally Posted by buckeye75 Are you looking for a good running shoe or something that just looks good? When it comes to running I won't buy anything but Brooks. In order for any store to sell Brooks they must have a certified Brooks specialist working there, and that's all they deal with; running shoes. Furthermore, if you're serious, I recommend going to a store that is able to match the way your foot pronates with the appropriate type...
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan We have D.U.B. pies here in Manhattan. They're supposed to be quite good. Jack from Nevada Smith's says that "Kiwis know a thing or two about making pies"..... Tuck shop pies also in NYC are much better. Gets VERY busy after 7pm
Music Hall Trio
At 4:00pm there was still a decent selection of suits in sizes 46 and 48. Very slim pickings in odd jackets and outerwear. I picked up a nice mid grey check Stuarts Choice Isaia and a blue double breasted Samuelsohn. Both were 90% off. Several dapper gentleman rummaging through the chaos. I was pleasantly surprised to see that mine was not the only fedora in the coat check area.
You can't use new china out of the box. It needs to undergo a dunk in a ritual bath in order to "kosher" it. Stay with disposable plates, much easier.
Easy to use formula IQ-(annual salary/1000)+(penis length in inches ^2)
I suggest Kosher takeout on disposable plates.
Most recent obsession is custom hats. I have enough suits, odd jackets, shoes, shirts, ties, cufflinks, belts, socks, umbrellas, sunglasses, watches, coats, bags/cases, gloves, sweaters and pocket squares to last me through the next few decades.
Tax on accessories not on clothes
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