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Surprised to see Amarula, I love it but its a pretty obscure drink.
Anyone get this to work ???
I have a pair of blue suede J.M Weston 180 loafers. I have worn them twice this year. has 30% Bing cashback
I found a very nice pair of Magnanni's in Nordstrom rack, didn't buy them as they were made in Morocco.
Bought a dozen. Great cheap socks, I bought 20 the last time they marked down to under $2.
I have a pair in Blue Suede, love wearing them.
Nothing like a deep fried Jersey dog
I don't usually like anything but fresh mozzarella and tomatoes but I am a convert after last week. My new favorite is Artichoke, great Pizza place on 14th street in NYC called ....Artichoke.
I wear a hat most work days. Beaver felt fedoras in the colder months. Montecristi, panapore and parabuntal when it warms up.
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