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I received an email about the Carlo Franco sale ?????? Anyone else receive this bizzare email ?
I have to say this show is very entertaining and is spot on with its depiction of young Guidos and Guidettes. Guys at work couldn't stop talking about the show.
Born Lynch Come in many colors, you can find them on sale in various colors for under $100. http://www.shoebuy.com/born-lynch/299477/640143
Surprised to see Amarula, I love it but its a pretty obscure drink.
Anyone get this to work ???
I have a pair of blue suede J.M Weston 180 loafers. I have worn them twice this year.
My 4 yo and 6 yo are both home with the swine flu. Besides having fever, runs, vomiting, coughing and sneezing they are relatively fine. I typically would have said "no" to a vaccine but after seeing them suffer I would suggest it for anyone else with kids.
endless.com has 30% Bing cashback
I found a very nice pair of Magnanni's in Nordstrom rack, didn't buy them as they were made in Morocco.
Bought a dozen. Great cheap socks, I bought 20 the last time they marked down to under $2.
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