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Scott, Thank you for the advice, I will probably not go to the Rack stores, my local NJ Rack in Elizabeth is mostly junk with only the occasional rare gem. What are the usual prices for the Zegnas at Last Call? Seafood and Brazillian sound good, the intimate setting places are going to be tough unless I find a friendly local lass Any recommendations on places to find the friendly locals ?
I will be in Dallas on a business trip the week of December 5th and will have some free time. I would like to take advantage of the local off price stores or any sales while I am there. So far I see that there is a NM Last Call and an Off 5th not too far from my hotel in Grapevinehill and 2 Nordstrom Rack stores within driving distance ( I think they are, its my 1st time in Dallas ) in Plano and in Hurst. I am mainly looking for bargain prices on suits, sportjackets...
Carlo, 'that friggin bottle green tie the forum guys asked for' Will you make it in the 62" length ? I am always on the lookout for that perfect shade of green .
I second the Lombardi recommendation. http://www.totonnos.com/ is also good. If you are willling to travel to brooklyn there are excellent places there
Dynasty tailors 38th between mad & 5th, expensive but by far the best work I have seen. I have had them do Jacket sleeves, Jacket collars, Shirt sleeves, trousers cuffs, trouser recuts you name it. I would avoid Rupens like the plague. His work leaves much to be desired, I had to go back for multiple fittings to simply take in several pair of trousers, he used the excuse that the fabric was inferior and thats why it wasnt laying properly. To make your experience even more...
One of my favorite ties is a green silk/cotton blend, unfortunately it is falling apart after very little use (~10 times). I don't know if it is due to the cotton blend not being sturdy or the Zegna construction, it is my only Zegna tie. You mentioned having an affinity for woven green ties, I too will buy any nice medium/dark green (not olive) tie I come across, thing is they are not easy to find. Any green tie sources you are willing to share ?
IT Manager
Quote: The Jay Kos MTM looked truly awful and scoops the fugly awards for me -- the fellow it was on looked like he had the proportions of Barney That Barney looking fellow is Jay Kos himself.
I feel your pain, I too am a size 14. Contact Ron Rider from www.francos.com He can special order Marteganis in large sizes. Alden will also take special orders however I warn you they are very slow (at least 16 weeks for size 14). You can try your luck with U.K size 13 off some of the British websites, C&J, AS and Loake sometimes have models that run full. Nordstroms always have size 14 if you are willing to pay their prices, usually Ferragamos and AE. I usually wait...
I bought a pair of the Certo Monkstraps several weeks ago when the original shipment came in. I have gotten more compliments on them than I have from any other pair of shoes I own (AE, Alden, Ferragamo, Church's). I dont know about the rest of the ones up for sale but the ones I have are made for Certo by Borgioli, it has the same Borgioli sole and says Borgioli inside the shoe. I have been very pleased with all of my purchases from Lance, he is an outstanding seller with...
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