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Quote: The Jay Kos MTM looked truly awful and scoops the fugly awards for me -- the fellow it was on looked like he had the proportions of Barney That Barney looking fellow is Jay Kos himself.
I feel your pain, I too am a size 14. Contact Ron Rider from He can special order Marteganis in large sizes. Alden will also take special orders however I warn you they are very slow (at least 16 weeks for size 14). You can try your luck with U.K size 13 off some of the British websites, C&J, AS and Loake sometimes have models that run full. Nordstroms always have size 14 if you are willing to pay their prices, usually Ferragamos and AE. I usually wait...
I bought a pair of the Certo Monkstraps several weeks ago when the original shipment came in. I have gotten more compliments on them than I have from any other pair of shoes I own (AE, Alden, Ferragamo, Church's). I dont know about the rest of the ones up for sale but the ones I have are made for Certo by Borgioli, it has the same Borgioli sole and says Borgioli inside the shoe. I have been very pleased with all of my purchases from Lance, he is an outstanding seller with...
How do the sizes run on these shoes ? compare to Alden/Allen Edmonds. Thanx
I am looking for a source for x-long knit ties. I prefer 64" but would settle for >62". Any of you knowledgeable bunch know where I can find them ? I live in the NYC area and would love to find a source for discounted x-long ties in woven wool/silk blends too. Thank you in advance, J.R
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