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Smart and ethical thing to do was to send an email to all customers and come on both forums, explain why everything went to hell AND THEN and only then send out a 50% off coupon (on jacked up price may I add) to all previous customers. My own personal experience was prior to the "outsourcing". I had to send multiple emails and make several phone calls to receive delivery on merchandise that was already paid for. If I had the time or gave a damn I am sure I could dig up...
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Scored this Brioni shearling amongst other goodies at their sale this week... That coat is pimpin
The almighty Kabbaz is deleting multiple Carlo Franco posts he doesn't like. How is this Homer the moderator ?
Quote: Originally Posted by hws I have find there exist a contrary thing this same person have speak: This make a big confusion! Now I not write nothing more to this topic for respect the request from m@T to me on page more early of this threak this is great
Looks like Jill and Chuck have responded on AAAC. Should I hold my breath to see when they will show up here ?
Contact info'MAT'
Pretty forgiving bunch the AAAC crowd.
I received an email about the Carlo Franco sale ?????? Anyone else receive this bizzare email ?
I have to say this show is very entertaining and is spot on with its depiction of young Guidos and Guidettes. Guys at work couldn't stop talking about the show.
Born Lynch Come in many colors, you can find them on sale in various colors for under $100.
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