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Jekyll and Hyde.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel The Sheltons look identical to a pair that are dark brown and chili that I bought about five years ago. They were on deep closeout at the time. I saw someone wearing a pair last year, thought it was a special order. Very nice, I am going to get myself a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Man, talk about huge feet. Look how out of proportion this is. big feet + big hands = adams apple
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Are you making it to the 29th too? I think the one and only time I ran into you was at the JM Weston sale where I first met SF folks. I think you and I got the reddish box calf with a brogued captoe. I bailed on that pair, ended up getting the 180 in Navy Suede.
I have a Corneliani suit that is made out of this or a similar fabric. I really can't tell the difference between it and regular fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant I can make it for the 18th. Thanks for accomodating the downtown folks. The older forum members who frequent the site since 2004-2005 attended the first Styleforum feeding frenzies (a.k.a Paul Stuart Sample Sale #1 and the two Asprey liquidation sales), and met each other by happenstance. I still occassionally see Chorse123 at sales, though I have much less free time and no longer live in Manhattan. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Look at the entry level Usher Audio speakers and the PSB line. You should do well there for $500. I've had Polks before but the PSBs are better made and better sounding in my experience. Another option is to buy an iPod and connect it to the $200 AudioEngine speakers. They also have a powered speaker for around $500. It may depend on how much volume you want and how important imaging is to you. Generally...
So what did you get ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Styk33 I like the tags in this thread. Funny. I'm glad someone noticed my feeble attempt at humor
Smart and ethical thing to do was to send an email to all customers and come on both forums, explain why everything went to hell AND THEN and only then send out a 50% off coupon (on jacked up price may I add) to all previous customers. My own personal experience was prior to the "outsourcing". I had to send multiple emails and make several phone calls to receive delivery on merchandise that was already paid for. If I had the time or gave a damn I am sure I could dig up...
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