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I have three NWOT Nicky Milano ties for sale. Two of them are cotton & silk blend that make great knots. Left to Right Navy and copper/tan paisley 100% silk Navy with red and gold diamonds 45%/55% cotton/silk **SOLD** Burgundy with blue and gold diamonds 45%/55% cotton/silk $30 each plus $3.50 s/h CONUS.
I have a brand new pair of Edward Green for Ralph Lauren, Mackay's in Dark Oak leather. Size 13 (UK12.5) on the 888 last. Ralph Lauren shoe trees and bags included. I bought these at the last sale but they don't fit. Not looking to make a profit off forum members $450 shipped CONUS. Please PM me for additional info. 100% feedback on ebay under id "redtree00" Thank you.
I was at the T&A sale today. I noticed a very small amount of higher thread count shirts that were made in Italy. Who makes shirts for T&A in Italy ?
I just bought this beauty. I don't know if I can pull it off, still trying to decide if to keep it or what to pair it with. BTW - STP has it listed for $599, paid $186.75 for it at Off Saks.
Count me in
I have purchased Canali sport coats from Off 5th for ~$200 with a coupon.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Why are you still using him? You shouldn't find any excuses to stick with him. The problems you cited are serious. You should find a better alternative. If I have a brand new Oxxford needs alternations, I wouldn't trust him. I wouldn't take any chances no matter how reasonable his prices are. I have tried several tailors that have been recommended here. Except for one that was outrageously...
I am on their mailing list, I will post the dates when I receive a postcard from them.
Initially I had several problems with the quality and consistency of Peppino's work. Most notably a few instances where the sleeve lengths did not match. Now that I have established a good relationship I am quite pleased. Once in a while I need to have him redo something but for the most part he is pretty good especially if you consider his reasonable pricing. I do have some consistent issues that no matter how many times I correct him he always seems to "get it...
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