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Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade The Highbury, Talbott and Croydon are all bluchers on the 348, but my catalogue is at home, so I don't know if those are still Paris-only. I'm conflicted on the swans neck, if that's what you'd call it, on the Westbourne. But YMMV, of course. All three are in the regular catalogue. *corrected for accuracy
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz Scratch off Balmuir. The Balmuir Handgrade is not a new model. I don't think it was available on the 337 before. The french C&J site showed it as being on the 350 last.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I don't suppose they're offering any narrower fittings. There is the Bedford in B & C width and the Canterbury in C width.
The 2007 catalogue has a few new models Handgrades and the 348 last
The only time I will not wear a pocket square with a jacket/suit is when I am on an interview or appearing in court.
It looks even stranger in person. I met him in late 1998, he was wearing this same style of hat (maybe it was the same one ). He is a wacky guy, he wears two watches, one on each wrist. They are both dual time zone, looks like this picture only with a white face.
B&M Hampton. Classic watch and can be bought within your price range.
Can anyone recommend an attorney for hire in the NY/NJ area that could assist with a paternity issue ? Any assistance is greatly appreciated
Amazingly enough, the order I placed late last week arrived today. It takes longer to get a delivery from California than it did from Australia.
#3 is the best fitting IMHO
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