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Can anyone recommend an attorney for hire in the NY/NJ area that could assist with a paternity issue ? Any assistance is greatly appreciated
Amazingly enough, the order I placed late last week arrived today. It takes longer to get a delivery from California than it did from Australia.
#3 is the best fitting IMHO
Thank you Alister ! I just bought 5 shirts and a pair of Udeshi cufflinks for ~$400
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Just hit Bergdorfs and there are the ususal assortment of shirts and ties and some nice cashmere. The real score is on one of tie tables there's a pile of pocket sqaures, mostly linen, all reduced to $19 from as high as $70. aportnoy, thanks for the tip. I stopped in this afternoon and picked up 10 of them, mostly the private label linen ones.
RL waives the MTO fee during trunk shows. I just took delivery of a pair of MTO Dovers last week and did not pay a penny extra.
Last two ties sold pending payment
Solid medium purple
Updated Burgundy SOLD Navy paisley and Navy cotton/silk still available
I have three NWOT Nicky Milano ties for sale. Two of them are cotton & silk blend that make great knots. Left to Right Navy and copper/tan paisley 100% silk Navy with red and gold diamonds 45%/55% cotton/silk **SOLD** Burgundy with blue and gold diamonds 45%/55% cotton/silk $30 each plus $3.50 s/h CONUS.
New Posts  All Forums: