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Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal My favorite knitted ties with polka dots are a couple of Carlo Francos. Deep red with white dots, deep blue with lavender dots. Do you happen to have pictures of these CF knitted ties ? I don't recall him ever making knitted ties.
I hope its not imported Tilapia http://www.mbayaq.org/cr/SeafoodWatc...t.aspx?fid=195
I have a Volvo XC70. Great car for kids, optional built in booster seats are very handy. They are heavily discounting them due to a new model coming out for 2008. Insurance is very cheap too.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Will you go, to Baychester, with me ? Flatbush and Beverly is West Indian heaven
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna I have found this to be, the brand new delicious to, replace pupusas &, Jarritos in the 4th Q. You need it the Roti and Sorrel.
I work in NYC and I bought 6 squares off Chorse. Did he make a profit ? Sure, so what ? You would be hard pressed to find pocket squares even at the marked up price.
Turnbull & Asser Sale started today. All shirts $109, I recognized a lot of the shirts from last year. I did not have time to look at the ties and clothing.
I had the pleasure of sitting at a table with Nana Boateng at a wedding I attended last night. Very stylish individual. He was wearing a vintage looking red flannel tux, extreme cutaway white shirt and a gold textured bow tie. I could never pull it off but he looked great. He is a charming individual, down to earth and very passionate about his clothing. www.akuaadoma.com
The seller is Johnnynorman.
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