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Posts by redtree00;threadid=33 It took me all of 10 seconds to find these via Google.
I am always trying to weed out my ties so that I will have under 50. Not the case with shirts, collection keeps growing and growing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 I'll never give blood. I tried once and I failed the question part. They asked some of the dumbest questions I've ever heard and A) I answered them honestly (which, by looking at some of the people at the blood donor place, no one answers honestly) and B) Some of the questions didn't even make sense. If someone dies because they ran out of blood, I blame the blood bank. This part...
You didn't apply pressure long enough. I give blood several times a year and it has happened to me on occasion.
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal My favorite knitted ties with polka dots are a couple of Carlo Francos. Deep red with white dots, deep blue with lavender dots. Do you happen to have pictures of these CF knitted ties ? I don't recall him ever making knitted ties.
I hope its not imported Tilapia
I have a Volvo XC70. Great car for kids, optional built in booster seats are very handy. They are heavily discounting them due to a new model coming out for 2008. Insurance is very cheap too.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Will you go, to Baychester, with me ? Flatbush and Beverly is West Indian heaven
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna I have found this to be, the brand new delicious to, replace pupusas &, Jarritos in the 4th Q. You need it the Roti and Sorrel.
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