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Mine are over 19" I am 6'2".
I think the foxx just fainted!!
AVG it's free http://free.grisoft.com/
This is why I refuse to buy used trousers. I don't understand how you thrifters do it.
Living in NY I see celebrities all the time. Off the top of my head... Michael Jordan outside of Grand Central LL Cool J in front of my office building Mo Vaughn in front of my office building Danny Aiello crossing 57th street Jackie Mason on central park south Steve Harvey walking on 3rd ave Kelis and Nas at the Las Vegas airport luggage carousel Giulliani, Pataki, Spitzer, Bloomberg, Hillary and many other politicians (my office is in the same building as...
Pretty loud. I like pinstripes but the contrast on these is too harsh and too closely spaced.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I work on a ration of 1 buttondown to every three normal collar with a 1.2 multiplier applied to the buttondown half of the ratio after the 8th shirt of an order and an additional 1.1 multiplier on any shirt over 35 in my closet. Orders placed on days of a full moon get a multiplier of 1.063, unless the full moon is on a Friday in which case I do not apply said multiplier. Heretic !! How dare you not use...
Might have a virus. Can you still access the registry ?
I have an Atlas case, always get compliments on it. This is the case in natural belting, I have it in coffee color.
Great looking hat, I love the brown ribbon. I have an Optimo too, however the crown on mine is a little less cylindrical.
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