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There used to be a middle eastern place in midtown that made awesome Sabich sandwiches. Fried eggplant, Houmous, Tahina, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot sauce all in a fresh pita bread. It sounds like a stomach ache waiting to happen but boy is it good. Sarge's deli on 3rd and 38th makes a very good Reuben. Favorite sandwich of all time has got to be the Roast Beef sandwich at John's Deli on Stillwell Ave in Brooklyn. Hot roast beef, fresh...
This looks (and probably tastes) likes the stuff they made us eat every Sunday in the army. It came in a can and smelled like it belonged in the can. I think it was part of MRE's that were made 10 years before I was enlisted.
I get the most use out of cotton/linen blend button downs. I have one spread collar that I love but can't find anything like it. Has a collar similar to the H&K cutaway.
I didn't see any of the following mentioned Buddy Guy Julio Fernandez Baldi Olier Billy Gibbons Angus Young Adrian Smith
I downgraded several years ago to a modest setup that I am content with until the kids are old enough that I don't have to worry about them destroying it. Music Hall CD25 CD Player Music Hall MMF5 Turntable NAD C320BEE Amplifier PSB 5T Tower Speakers
Polo brown Belgraves from Plal are right at your budget mark. I have a pair and they are one of my favorite shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Holy hell. It's a part of what kind of riding? Are you a stuntman? My old man has been riding for 40 years and has never put a bike down. I follow his example of riding slow, sane, and sober. No, I don't wear a helmet, but that's just because I'm an idiot. For quite some time I commuted to work almost 12 months of the year, I have endured only one accident while commuting (getting thrown off my bike after...
In over 20 years of driving a car and riding a motorcycle, I have never been involved in an accident while driving a car. I wish I could say the same about my time in the saddle. I have crashed countless times, it is just part of riding. Only one of my spills involved a car, all the others were "self inflicted". Ice, leaves, gravel, shoddy tar patches, oil, bottles and many other obstacles that I have run over or into. Thankfully nothing that stopped me from riding...
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