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Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree i wonder how people wear white linen pants without the undies showing through. Brazilian wax and commando.
Quote: Originally Posted by demeis Falke Naturfein, 100% cotton and they make up to size 15 Demeis do you stock the larger sizes in your store ? The place I used to buy Falke Naturrein said they are no longer available.
I have an orange gingham shirt that I wear year round.
As long as you have a local (non-dealer) VW mechanic, the upkeep will be moderate for a european car. Significantly higher than anything japanese or american. Are you aware that the Cabrio is a chick car ? I can't say I have ever seen a straight male own one.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles No, I get it cut with Victor. Was Chantal one of the cute ones? Chantal is the older lady that worked out of the second floor.
Pintxos on Greenwich St a few doors from the corner of Spring St. Tapas are outstanding as are the main dishes. I would pass on the Paella, not a big fan of it anyway. I have yet to take someone there that hasn't raved about the place. I held a party there for my staff in January, they loved the place and still talk about it, have already insisted on going there for next years party.
MetroStyles, if you were getting your hair cut by Chantal I am sorry to tell you that as of January 1st she is no longer working at Salon Ishi. She is now at the Phyto Salon off Lexington Ave. Price is the same, $90.
I prefer Captoes on Oxfords and Wingtips on Bluchers.
If you see someone in east midtown wearing a seerucker suit, spectators, optimo panama hat and tortoiseshell persols .... stop me and say "Hi Redtree!!" I wear them to work all summer with cotton or seersucker suits, on friday occasionally with linen trousers and a blazer.
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