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AND toll booths !!
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Order placed on Friday morning, package delivered Monday afternoon !!! Shame I only purchased 5 pairs, in hindsight should have ordered a few more .
I gave up wearing a watch years ago. My Zenith and IWC are hidden away at the bottom of my sock drawer, maybe my grandkids will get a kick out of them. If I'm carrying a phone that tells time, what's the point of having a watch ?
If you are near NYC I recommend trying Moulded Shoe
Pantherella size L will fit, I always find them on STP. They usually have a few pairs of Falke in the larger sizes too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I have these and really like them: Was recommended to me by Tyll Hertsens of Headroom fame. It's his favorite under $100. I tried them against the Shures, Monster Cable, and NuForce and preferred them. I bought them on your recommendation and am extremely pleased.
Romano Martegani. I have seen size 16 made for NBA players. Edward Green will make a size 15 shoe, attend a trunk show if there is one near you and get properly fitted.
Try lowering your Viagra dosage or switch to Levitra.
I have several Panama and Parabuntal hats. I wear one to work every day from Memorial day through Labor Day and have been doing so since my early 30's.
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