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The Game - another BBC gem
How much are you looking to spend ? For ~$300 just use your iPhone 5 as the voice controller ? Siri will play a song/artist/playlist on command. Hook up powered speakers (Audioengine A2) to an Airport Express and just output the music off the iPhone to the AE.
Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami) parking his BMW 5 series with Virginia plates at a lot on 39th and Park.
Phyto has several really good shampoos. I am a big fan of their products in general.
PM sent
Frogs please
I got an email too. At first I thought my email account was hacked. Is 3 years enough ?
Looks like almost all of my personal rules have been covered already. Here are a few that I didn't see mentioned No solid color silk pocket squares No dimples in ties - I work with an impecabbly dressed older gentleman that never has a dimple, I am not ashamed to admit that I started copying him Rubber soles or topy only on dedicated rain shoes - I dont care what anyone says about sole material not affecting breath-ability, my feet get clammy with non leather...
Bencraft Hats in Brooklyn for all your summer head-ware needs. Huge selection and great pricing. Make sure you ; Look up the hats online first and mark down the items and colors you like. Go the Williamsburg store under the bridge and not the Boro Park Store (any hat you want as long as its black) Tip the young guy helping you as soon as he brings you the first few hats to try on.
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