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Take a test ride my friend. You will thank me later.
I've lived in both Houston and Atlanta, so my response may be biased, but I'd visit Miami if I were you. Both Houston and Atlanta are inland cities with fairly unremarkable architecture and bad traffic. Sure, there are some great shopping, restaurant, cultural opportunities in both, but if it were me, I'd spend the days in Miami Beach with trips in to Miami proper as needed. Maybe if you give some more ideas of what you'd like to achieve on your trip, I might be a bit...
NYC is a pretty big place, and unfortunately "touristy spots" doesn't really narrow it down much. What area will you be staying in and I can try to help. Alternatively, Yelp usually has pretty good results..
Same situation for me, and same response. I already made a trip to the B&M last night and picked up a few things I'd wanted to try, but my weekend will likely consist of La Aurora 107, MF LeBijou, Tatuaje, and Padron, maybe even in that order..
Yes, to each their own. My own personal lifestyle, pursuits and situation just meant that my 911 was just no longer a good fit for me. Children grow, and putting anything larger than 4' in those back seats for any length of time is cruel and unusual punishment. I remember the idea of sizing up came to me when I had to hire a cab to transport a keyboard (musical, not computer) that I'd purchased at BestBuy because it wouldn't fit in my fucking car, lol..
Exactly. So if one's life includes getting groceries, driving to the mountains for the weekend, or taking kids to swim lessons and that person has only one vehicle, a Porsche 911 is a very bad choice.
Yeah, I fretted and fumed about that decision but in the end it was the right one to make, given the circumstances. I have an M3 convertible now.I am assuming that you are either joking, or you have no kids, never travel with a partner, don't buy groceries, and live in an area that never gets snow. Other than that, it's an amazing DD
Love that color.. Here was my CarreraS. Was because I just came to the realization after many years that this was not a good daily driver lol..
You will outlive me in the statistical sense, but damn I could never wear that helmet...
I would bet that sportie, with those mods, would run very close to $20K assuming you are modding a new bike..
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