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I see the new version of the Murdock engineer boot is included in the sale. Never could see why they switched makers as the new version is nowhere near as nice as the old. That said, I have a pair of the old Murdocks in black, worn 3 times, that I am willing to part with for $350 if anyone is interested. They are a 10D.
They really do. I've sold most of my Harley Davidson bikes within 5% of what I paid for them, and that was after riding them for a couple of years. Mind you, they were usually around the 5,000 miles or under mark, so not heavily used, but still, nothing like automobile depreciation, that's for sure..
Nice, keep the shiny side up!!
Congratulations to her, and you; you must be very proud!!
These days? Softtail Slim. It's one of the big twins, 102 ci engine. Great bike, and rides like a dream.
Interesting.. That said, at $15 per where I live now, those are about $5 too much for what I value them at.. They were a good cigar at $9 to $10, not a great value at $15
Wow, hanging it up to do LuxeSwap full time? That's amazing my friend, I am happy for you! Success couldn't have come to a more genuinely swell human being!
Say what??
I agree. I am assuming the only reason they call it slim is to distinguish it from the much fuller and roomier straight and low straights.. I honestly don't think RRL even makes a true slim fit jean..
Yassir.. From a few years back..
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