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If you plan on taking a lot of longer trips, I think a bagger is just more functional and comfortable, plain and simple. If I ride my 48 for any longer than an hour, I am almost in need of immediate chiropractic intervention. For me, a weekend trip usually means car, just because of what I need to pack with me, as well as what we might buy wherever we are going.So, no, it may just be a symptom of how you plan to ride your theoretical motorcycle..
Pio, I must be honest. I have never paid any attention to the HD baggers since they just didn't appeal to me personally. I know they redid most of their sporties, softtails, and dynas in terms of styling so if you were looking at a 2016, chances are good that it's a new design feature..
I don't harangue smokers about their habits, because I assume they know the risks and accept them accordingly. If a smoker asks me whether or not they should quit, I'd probably advise them to do so. I think it's the same with armor.
Naw, it's about personal fucking choice..Srsly, can we just stick to talking about motorcycles and keep the passive aggressive bashing of the choices others make to a minimum? I think people wearing power ranger suits and knee high racing boots while on their way to Starbucks looks pretty fucking ridiculous, but I generally keep that opinion to myself.
Actually, my first bike was a Triumph and I've had a Triumph in my garage ever since..
lol, I think I saw someone wearing those sandals with shorts the other day. No lie. I don't know why I don't, just never have and never felt the need. I think it's about risk tolerance. I am sure if my riding style was more aggressive and I spent a lot of time at high speeds, I might consider it..
No, doesn't come with armor, although I am sure it can be ordered. I don't do armor, so never crossed my mind to ask if they sold it as an accessory.
Yeah, I meant the denim wallet, specifically the one on the right. Some of their recent wallets have been great also, but just not jumping out at me..
Those wallets look great! Wish I hadn't missed out on those..
Picked this up. It's stiff as a board right now, but I bet this will age beautifully..
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