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Just doing my part to stick it to the man, while, er, being the man..
Found one more I thought I'd throw up here, so I can at least average 3 fit postings per year..
Make lemonade out of lemons. Turning this double post into a new fit. From last week. RRL and Alden. Poor hotel lighting..
Casual fit from a couple of weeks back..
And one more..
From a few weeks back on my Instagram, but edited out to protect the identities of the innocent:
Yes, they are, although I think Epaulet has a similar model..
Nothing special, just exactly as you describe, about 1 1/2" rolled twice..
Imageshack may or may not cooperate. If it does not, I give up.. postscript.. I give up, lol
More imageshack problems.. time to switch..
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