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Yeah, believe me, I was tempted, but at that point, I just resolved myself to the fact that I'd paid $400 for a $50 wallet and moved on. I am actually amazed this was brought to their attention and the picture remains there. This isn't a case of over-saturated colors or exposure, that is just not even remotely the same leather..
No, the inside is the smooth leather depicted on the website, lol
Yes, exactly my point. I'd love that wallet on the website by the way. Had the actual article been pictured on the website, I probably would not have ordered it to be honest. As it was, I needed a wallet, there was no obvious branding, and it held my shit, so I sucked it up.Those two slots are apparently for holding quarters.
In the never ending saga of website photos not matching reality, I bought this wallet (at full price, unfortunately for me) before Christmas, expecting to get a smooth tan leather wallet. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=21515226&cp=2943767.53333306&fd=RRL&ab=rd_men_sales&ff=Brand&s=D-DollarRank&fv=1000055%2FRRL&fg=Brand&promotions_allsale=true&parentPage=family Imagine my surprise when this arrived? I kept it, but what really made me chuckle was...
I actually like tie-penor guy's fit a good deal, other than of course, the tie penor. It was one of the standouts in that first batch of photos..
So did he fluff that cape when he caught Erik in his peripheral vision, taking his photo? Does it come with a fluffer installed, that can be deployed at will, much like an umbrella can be opened in one fluid motion?
Great pictures Erik, and pretty impressive output for day 1! Thanks for sharing!!
Tatuaje makes so many fantastic cigars, but the plain old brown labels are my favorite. I have also been smoking the Tatuaje Fausto a lot lately, and it is a great smoke. Very powerful though, so I'd save this one for late in the day. The new line, Ambos Mundo, is very good for the price and well worth checking out. One of my favorite cigars right now though is the Rocky Patel Super Ligero. I smoked one last week on a whim, and was blown away. Definitely worth a...
Now THAT has got to be a welcome change. I remember a similar feeling when I first moved from New England to Houston. I had no idea what to do with the space. I filled it with two kids, lol
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