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That's a beautiful photograph! Once in a lifetime right there..
Thanks buddy..
These are the ones I was thinking of.. I didn't need another pair of western boots, so held off at retail, but wanted to jump on them in the sale and lost out..
Nope, those are the ones.. I actually thought they WERE suede.. If you're ever looking to sell them, hit me up..
You're not the guy who bought the 9 1/2D are you??? If you have pics handy, I'd love to see how these actually look as opposed to how the website makes them look...
I know this is pretty pedestrian stuff compared to most of the posts in this thread, but the guys in MC would roast me if I post this over there in the casual thread, so here it goes.. RRL except the boots..
Haven't posted in here in forever, but this was a rare sighting of me in a necktie from my Instagram... Sander, UprCrust and some of you other guys are burning it up in here and keeping this thread interesting..
I almost bought that coat, but the breast pocket all crowded up next to the button was a deal killer for me.
Yes, I can't say that risk wouldn't concern me, even though it seems to be limited. I saw a really nice Victory bagger on the highway the other day and thought of you. Damn thing would have looked great stripped down.Polaris is apparently growing leaps and bounds (obviously from a much smaller base) with the Indian brand. I've seen some on the road and never really liked them, but I can understand the appeal, especially at that price point.
New Posts  All Forums: