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Meh, it's good, not great. I actually prefer the EH Taylor you posted above. Of the lot, my favorite is the PVW 15 year old.
They are slightly so, and yeah, I can't wait to see how these age. I take a size 31W.
Sorry, lol
Linen blend.
Not personally, no. Sleeves will hike up on a bike, yes, but I don't think he's wearing that coat on a bike. If it's a daily wear piece, I'd shorten them. Hell, if it was a functional piece I'd still shorten them.
MC Casual, Appalatcha style, lolols..
Yes, can't remember the name of the wash though. Picked these up last week, one wash in slim bootcut:
From the other day..
RRL officer chinos..
Beauty contest I posted to my Instagram feed the other day..
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