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Nope, those are the ones.. I actually thought they WERE suede.. If you're ever looking to sell them, hit me up..
You're not the guy who bought the 9 1/2D are you??? If you have pics handy, I'd love to see how these actually look as opposed to how the website makes them look...
I know this is pretty pedestrian stuff compared to most of the posts in this thread, but the guys in MC would roast me if I post this over there in the casual thread, so here it goes.. RRL except the boots..
Haven't posted in here in forever, but this was a rare sighting of me in a necktie from my Instagram... Sander, UprCrust and some of you other guys are burning it up in here and keeping this thread interesting..
I almost bought that coat, but the breast pocket all crowded up next to the button was a deal killer for me.
Yes, I can't say that risk wouldn't concern me, even though it seems to be limited. I saw a really nice Victory bagger on the highway the other day and thought of you. Damn thing would have looked great stripped down.Polaris is apparently growing leaps and bounds (obviously from a much smaller base) with the Indian brand. I've seen some on the road and never really liked them, but I can understand the appeal, especially at that price point.
That's a gorgeous color. I'd actually wear the hell out of that with denim. I think you've just sold me another leather jacket goddamnit..
There was some buzz about KKR potentially being interested recently, but not Polaris. Given HD's market cap is close to twice that of Polaris, it'd be hard to pull off. Interesting factoid when I went to Polaris' financials to see how large they were, noticed that about $5.0BB of their total $5.5BB in debt is current. Someone is guilty of poor liability management, but with interest rates at record lows, they'll probably be hailed as a genius, lol, assuming they can...
This happens fairly frequently, moreso around sale times. I've had orders shipped in as many as 3 separate shipments, and IIRC, each is charged to my card as it is shipped. I am super-impressed with their logistics to be honest. Most times, I place an order on day 0 and by day 1, never later than day 2, the shipment is delivered using regular mail. I've never had an order delayed a week though.
I've tried it, and although I am sure I enjoyed it, I didn't replace the bottle when it emptied. I've had the most luck with any of the Booker's releases, or the stuff Smooth Ambler is putting out these days. I used to be a purist about blends but now I don't give a shit as long as it tastes good and I like it. Noah's Mill is another excellent one that doesn't get mentioned much. If you have a great B&M store in your area that participates in barrel programs, seek it...
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