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Ha, I don't think I have a picture handy, but I can try to take one later this week. It's actually a great belt. Very well made, and the patina makes it difficult to date, but I'd say 1960s or early 1970s..
Yeah, Torsion, enjoying your pictures! Smoked several My Father Le Bijou this weekend, as well as a DP Gracia Cuban Classic and a Padron 1926 for good measure. I rarely smoke CC, but may stock up on my go to (Bolivar) smokes as well as a few others now that it is officially summer..
Summer solstice means longer days for riding motorcycles. I'll take it. We keep our Bonneville out at our shack in the woods, so it was great tearing up those mountain roads with that thing. Riding back to the cabin Saturday night after dinner, it was amazing the number of fireflies on the roads. Literally had to bob and weave to avoid getting my face covered with firefly guts. Was a beautiful sight though, and my wife, who grew up in California, had never seen...
No, shortly after he returned home from WWII, so late 1940s..
That Menlo jacket is a beauty..
My mom sent me this picture of my grandfather a while back. I posted it to my Instagram, but thought I'd share it here also since it seems vaguely Americana/workwear inspired before workwear was a thing.. Love those pants he's wearing..
I wore some shoes that probably would not have been out of place there, but the overall fit was pretty tame.. Obviously not an entry, just sharing a picture of some fairly cool blue shoes..
I bought a belt adorned with some hand tooled rebel flags and cannons at a flea market in Macon, GA a few years back..
Luckily I've dumped so much into RRL in the last 10 years that I would probably be just fine if I never bought a piece again. I have at least 20 pairs of jeans, a dozen pairs of chinos, 6 leather jackets and god knows how many shirts, so yeah, I'll just rock that vintage early 21st century RRL to the rest home if need be.. In all seriousness, I've looked at other brands and have never been tempted enough to actually buy anything.
I'm thinking about getting this done myself. The frugal bitch in me is saying that since the shingle roof is only 8 years old, I'd be an idiot to spend money to replace it with metal, but goddamned if that thing wouldn't pop with a red tin roof..
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