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Another Instagram repeat:
Instagram my man!! Plenty of my motorcycle shots over there..
Here's what I wore today:
Posted yesterday, but victim of the great ImageShack ATTENTION : We are experiencing technical difficulties which may not allow your images to be seen incident of 1:34 PM EST, July 31, 2013. Anyways, here it is again:
Can't remember if I posted this here, but don't think so.. RRL slim boots with Murdocks:
Couple of weeks back, getting a haircut.. Headless version of an Instagram fit:
Yeah, these are my absolute favorite chinos ATM. The fit is not slim at all, but somewhere between Officer and Regulation so I definitely needed to size down. You're right about the RRL thread these days. Seems like there's too much time spent trolling resellers, authenticity checks for eBay items and questions about sales timing.Stitches, did you try the Officer chino or were yours the Regulation? I could fit my whole torso into the leg of a pair of...
Imageshack problems...
Last one for today. RRL, RRL, and Alden:
RRL slims and Murdock boot:
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