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Recycled Instagram picture from last week, cotton sportcoat is Belvest and pants are Epaulet, the finest office pants available at that price point.. Tie is RLPL from last season..
Thanks again Erik, great pics! One #menswear bandwagon I will just refuse to jump on are the tasseled loafers...
Yeah, sorry buddy, the light in there is not the best, and I didn't want to step outside and get wet to take a fit pic for you guys..
Great pictures Erik, thanks for sharing with us, and look forward to your updates on Instagram!
Gloomy, rainy conference room fit from a few weeks back.. Coat is from RRL, last summer I believe..
Casual fit, last week sometime. Hot as hell here in the South.. Top is linen, bottoms are RRL selvage officer chino from a couple of years back..
Oh, and this too, mainly RRL too if I am not mistaken, with some newbies thrown in for good measure..
Xpost to the CM Casual thread, RRL and PRL
One more, mainly RRL again with some New Balance thrown in the mix..
Haven't posted in a few weeks, wtf is with all the bicycle pictures?? Casual Friday a few weeks back, mainly RRL..
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