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Some casual stuff from the last few months, no spoilers. Sorry.
Haven't posted here in ages, months, whatever.. A recent one..
Sorry we didn't make it work this time around, our bank group kept me busy almost non-stop.. See you in a month or two..
lol, tbh, I haven't ridden my bikes in almost a month.. it's been a very busy month for me with travel and lots of stuff going on! I will be back soon, honest..
So all this talk of glasses made me want to post a pair of mine.. I am a junkie for eyeglasses, and trade between 7 or 8 frames at any given time, lol.. Coat is RRL from this year. Location is somewhere in Florence, Piazza della Repubblica IIRC..
Stitchy, I like that fit.. Agree the glasses look good on you..
Yeah man, be happy to.. Check back in a day or so. IIRC, the model name of the last Belstaff coat I posted is "Maple".
My Mulberry leather jacket just arrived today, and I've got to say, this is one damn fine jacket. I have several leather coats from RRL, Belstaff, and J Crew, and this jacket is by far, my favorite. If any of you guys have been on the fence about this coat, get off of it. It's a great coat at a fantastic price. Thanks guys!!
Best of luck Greg, looking forward to the opening!
these are Epaulet, so yeah, the rise is probably lower than most.. will keep your offer in mind..
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