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I have to agree with you there.. I know Red Wings are not the height of safety, but jesus, this IS Styleforvm after all..
How did you find it through the finish? My B&M recommended this one to me last time I was in and was tempted but stuck with my tried and true.
Some of the best whiskies I've tasted this year are from California's Splinter Group, which has been experimenting with finishing bourbons in barrels that previously held its wine. So far I think there are only two releases - Slaughter House and Straight Edge. Slaughter House is a 9 year old bourbon that was finished in French oak that previously held Napa Valley Bordeaux varietal red wine. Straight Edge is a blend of 5, 7 and 8 year old whiskies from Kentucky and...
From this past weekend. We actually had one of those legendary Smoky Mountain black bears on the deck right where I am sitting and given we were on our hammock at the end of the deck at the time, it made for some exciting times, lol.. Yeah, I don't do coats and all that when I'm in the woods..
Pravda, your approach to taking pictures of your fits is unique, I'll give you that.. Nice loafers btw..
lol, easy now, it didn't cause me any displeasure at all; I just wouldn't wear it myself without something over it to add color/combat the boxiness..
I'm not sure there is anything remarkable in this fit, but maybe that's the intention? The sweater is very drab and boring, and fit is a little boxy. If I were to wear this, I'd probably only do it under a vest or a coat, but never on its own. It just looks like the woolen version of all those soviet style buildings you see in pictures from the early 80s. Your jeans also fit a little too loose in all the wrong places. Shoes look alright though.
Size 60 would do it..
That's the truth! I am usually a 38R and even then, a 37R would probably fit me more to my liking, but the sizing on the artisan line is all over the map. I have a couple in 38R, a couple more in 40R, and one in a 42R!! I am assuming different makers explain the variance (I believe both of the 40R are made by Lardini, which used to be (and still may be) the maker of most of the Ferragamo suiting) between them. They are very well made though, and the fabrics can be...
What size of the navy Borsalino do you have left? Any other colors? Hard to find these over here, so I must jump on them when I can..
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