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Johnson Leather in San Francisco did some amazing work on my RRL Elkhorn, taking it from a L to effectively between a S and M. They also do custom work. Have you tried them already?
FWIW, my wife blew out one of the knees in a pair of RRL denim the day she got them (she knelt down to pick something up and bam, knee split from seam to seam). We sent those off to be repaired and the day she got them back, the other knee went in a similar fashion! Now I know it was not a sizing issue (my wife is 5'7" and about 101 pounds) but seriously, I guess the moral of the story is don't actually live in some of the women's cuts.. That said, having been repaired,...
Yeah, my wife loved a lot of the RRL when it steered more towards feminized versions of the classic men's workwear, but just couldn't get into the frilly shirts, rodeo skirts and prairie dresses enough to actually buy them. She did manage to get some really great denim, a leather jacket, and several of the more classic western shirts before they shut the line down..
That's very kind of you, hope you enjoy those boots!!
Very, very nice. Easily one of the nicest things I have seen in years..
Well, it has nothing to do with disclosing specifics or not, I think Ralph Lauren would have the influence to operate a money-losing segment of RLC, well, forever in theory. If the shareholders don't like it, they can elect a new Board and a new Chairman. Of course, since Ralph Lauren personally owns 4/5ths of the voting stock, we know how that will go. I am only curious at where the idea that RRL is a money loser comes from. I've never seen segment results, but I...
Not correct. Its part of their financial reporting to the SEC, so public domain..
This is not correct. RRL is an operating unit of Ralph Lauren Corporation, which is the public holding company. That said, Ralph Lauren owns 82% of the outstanding voting common stock so he effectively controls the company, but I would think as Chairman of its Board of Directors, he has a fiduciary responsibility to maximize returns to the other 18% of its shareholders, even if he himself were comfortable subsidizing RRL's operating losses (this seems to be the...
And the old model RRL engineer boot. Wish they still used this maker. The new version is almost hideous..
Can't remember if I posted these before or not, so if I did, ignore.. Frye Harness boot in black: And the same boot in what I can only call baseball glove tan:
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