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I've been to Buffalo Trace. It's a great visit if you have the time.
My wife and I ride together fairly often, but these are usually short haul rides to the mountains, Asheville, nothing over a couple of hours. I probably would not be thinking about taking passengers until I'd been riding at least a couple of years though. I just don't think its a responsible thing to do. She's actually doing the MSF rider's course this spring and if she enjoys it, will probably get her own bike. Saturday we had a great time riding some of those twisty...
I agree. That was one of the top 5 fits in the last 25 pages or so easily..
This looks great man, love the shirt! Congratulations to your daughter too!
Post pics when you can. My wife is a 0 but it's possible a 1 could work and I'd be interested..
RRL denim atop these lace ups from Frye..
Those L'Atelier are one fine smoke to be sure. I like the smaller white label cigars as a quick lunch time smoke on those days when the weather permits. If you like Pete Johnson stuff, the Tatuaje Fausto is very good also..
Has anyone used the Vivino app at all for quick, in-store research? Anything better out there??
Yes, owning an M out of warranty is a gamble. Win some, lose some..
Ha, you are probably correct!True..
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