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Ambos Mundos is an excellent smoke for the $$. My favorite of the entire brand is the Fausto. I prefer these even to the flagship brown label. I've never smoked one that disappointed me.
alas, yes..
Assuming a 10% sales tax adds about $2,300 to the U.S. based price, that is still a healthy difference even with the relatively weak euro..
Looks like a fun bike, and great for weekend trips which in your neck of the woods, would probably make for a great experience.. Hope you can make this happen soon my friend..
Good question. I honestly don't see this as a big risk, but it's worth considering.. Have you looked at the Heritage Softtails?
Now THAT is an Undercrown..You guys make fantastic cigars by the way, I probably smoke a half dozen a week..
Thanks for starting this thread my friend, I can't wait to see the finished products!!
I just can't get past that "mukluk" look they have now unfortunately..
sorry dude, but good luck, they are a killer boot..
I see the new version of the Murdock engineer boot is included in the sale. Never could see why they switched makers as the new version is nowhere near as nice as the old. That said, I have a pair of the old Murdocks in black, worn 3 times, that I am willing to part with for $350 if anyone is interested. They are a 10D.
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