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I'd bet most if not all of those bottles will either be spoken for or will wind up in the grey/black market.. that sux donkey balls beyond belief..
nice man, following you now, lol
It's getting depressing watching the fill line dwindle on some of my old pickups from before the boom. At one time, I had a half dozen PVW 20 and a half dozen each of GTS and ER 17 yo in my liquor cabinet when these would sit on the shelves for months at my local liquor store. I am now measuring my pours in increments of "1 less for the future" and I am fully conscious of how life during a pandemic must feel like.. Ugh..
lol, you're probably right.. /unsubscribed
These were all great fits!! Thanks for sharing, and my condolences on the end of your time at the beach..
Xpost from the Frye thread, but since these are from Frye's "Artisanal" line and given the title of this thread, I kind of felt obligated to post them here. These may now be my favorite pair of boots:
Yes, build wise, you are probably right with the artisanal. I compared the harness boot from Frye with the Murdock engineer boot I have from RRL and the Frye actually seemed to be a little better made in my opinion, with better materials also. I may go for the lace up engineer from the artisanal line next..
I'd never really paid much attention to Frye in the past, having viewed them primarily as makers of hippie boots for college age girls, but was I wrong. I bought these "Artisinal Harness" boots at my girl's recommendation (she was ordering a pair of engineer boots) and they will likely be the first of many from this company. Yeah, some of their distressed finishes look a little too contrived, but the construction and materials used in these boots is easily as good as or...
Size 40. Here are some bad low light pictures.. Hardly worn, lol
I actually have one of those too, lol.. You're right, they're made well and look great. I may even have worn it a few times. Had 4 pockets on the front, almost Belstaff looking. It's for sale in case anyone is interested..
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