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My wife snapped this, mainly because I was laughing uncontrollably, which is the reason I cropped it, lol.. anyway, here's to August..
Depending on the belt, that should not be a problem, and I've had it done many times. I don't think they add holes though. Rather, they shorten it from the buckle end and simply reattach the buckle. It' like a $10 job.
I don't have a strong frame of reference as the only Japanese whiskies I have had are the lower priced ones like Yamazaki 12 and 18 year old, and Hakushu, which a good friend brought home for me from a trip to Tokyo. I would rather have Pappy Van Winkle 10 times out of 10, but I'd never pay current market prices for it either. PVW is a $100 to $125 whiskey for me, tops.
Very well done! This is just a great all around "no-tie" but still polished look..
Neato. That improvement in the heat the current engines throw off is significant in and of itself for someone living in the south let me fucking tell you. I won't rush out and get one of these though, since I have my eye set on another sportie for a spare bike. Pio, this gonna finally push you over the edge??
I agree with you that JW Green is a great value and a great blended whiskey. I am not sure it is better than most single malts I have tried, but many for sure. I agree that there are a lot of highly overvalued single malts out there, and unfortunately for me because I tend to prefer bourbon, it's happened in that market as well. Still, cultivate a good relationship with your local liquor store owner, and you can usually lay your hands on the best stuff at small markups...
You mean, like a stockist?
Bummer, my wife and I will be in Sacramento the day after through Labor Day visiting her family and stuff, and this would have been an easy drive for me if it were on Saturday.. Well, have a fantastic time anyway!
Jesus fucking christ would you guys just shut the fuck up and talk about riding motorcycles instead of other people's choices in motorcycles? I have never understood the appeal of a lot of things that are driven by taste, preference, or heritage, so who the fuck really cares?
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