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I like this fit a lot. Well done.. To echo another, that's a great jacket..
I really dig this jacket. Great design and that pattern is amazeballs..
This looks great, can't wait to see the finished product. Have you made humidors before? I seem to recall you posting something about attempting one a few years back, and wasn't sure if you'd ever finished it, or if this was the first.
I'm late to the party on this one, but figured I'd add my two cents. I routinely have my tailor alter the waist and seat of my RRL denim and have never had a complaint. I know he doesn't use a chainstich machine for these alterations, but I also don't think this is crucial for a waist/seat alteration. Yes, chain stitches on the hem are important if one wants to develop "roping" on the hem over time and avoid that freshly hemmed look,but I don't think a chainstitch is...
Close, but the zipper pulls on the chest pockets look different.. May have been the same maker, but they may have changed a few of the styling elements perhaps?? Yeah, I love the coat, it gets a lot of use as a riding jacket for me as well!
I like these fits a lot, second one especially. The peacoat looks fantastic, can you tell me about it? Also love the sweater here, even though that type of neck never works for me..
Here's mine.. On second thought, maybe they aren't too far apart in color..
lmao, figures.. for some reason mine is a slightly different shade of brown, but not as you might expect with normal color variations.. I wonder if they changed up the skins over time?
That tooled wallet is a beauty..
@Crat, I have a RRL leather that looks very similar, but the color is different. Where is the coat from?
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