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Beauty contest I posted to my Instagram feed the other day..
Posting some actual RRL to break the monotony of four pages of bickering. Fuck me, I actually paid MSRP for these jeans too.. Boots are RRL too, but cannot remember the model name..
Wore this yesterday. Bad hotel corridor lighting, but general idea is there..
Sleeves are definitely too long. If it were me, I'd take it to somebody experienced with working with leather (not a job for a dry cleaner seamstress) and have them knock at least an inch and a half off those sleeves.
Just doing my part to stick it to the man, while, er, being the man..
Found one more I thought I'd throw up here, so I can at least average 3 fit postings per year..
Make lemonade out of lemons. Turning this double post into a new fit. From last week. RRL and Alden. Poor hotel lighting..
Casual fit from a couple of weeks back..
And one more..
From a few weeks back on my Instagram, but edited out to protect the identities of the innocent:
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