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I liked it also, and truth be told, would probably prefer riding the BMW to a full on loaded up, 15 billion candlepower lit, side bag equipped with integrated microwave oven and DVD player/navigation system built into the Boeing designed comfort faring Harley Davidson chrome monster..
lmao, my thoughts are this guy's writing needs to find its way into more of my casual junk food reading:"The bike farts 160 horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque out of an inline six-cylinder engine"
My wife is a 24 in RRL but what's the waist measure? If they work, I'll take those off your hands..
Do eeeeeeetttttt...
Thanks, will pick one up next trip to the B&M
While I will pour an Islay once in a while, they definitely aren't my first choice for a daily drinker. Balvenie makes some very interesting whiskies these days, with my favorites at the moment being the 14 year old Caribbean Cask, and the 17 year old Doublewood. I am also a huge fan of Glennfiddich. Even if they are a little mainstream, it doesn't mean they don't make excellent whiskies. The 15 year old is the best value, but they also released a 14 year old (U.S....
I do to, but oddly enough, when one gets started doing a project like that, it's oddly satisfying to see a pleasant result. That is usually enough to incentivize me to bite off more than I can chew..
This is just great my friend, I love these colors together.. [[SPOILER]]
Nothing about the details of those boots look Alden or even Red Wing to me.
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