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Shit, last one I swear. Belvest...
And one more..
Thanks my friend! I figure a drive by from time to time does a guy good, lol..
Some casual stuff from the last few months, no spoilers. Sorry.
Haven't posted here in ages, months, whatever.. A recent one..
Sorry we didn't make it work this time around, our bank group kept me busy almost non-stop.. See you in a month or two..
lol, tbh, I haven't ridden my bikes in almost a month.. it's been a very busy month for me with travel and lots of stuff going on! I will be back soon, honest..
So all this talk of glasses made me want to post a pair of mine.. I am a junkie for eyeglasses, and trade between 7 or 8 frames at any given time, lol.. Coat is RRL from this year. Location is somewhere in Florence, Piazza della Repubblica IIRC..
Stitchy, I like that fit.. Agree the glasses look good on you..
Yeah man, be happy to.. Check back in a day or so. IIRC, the model name of the last Belstaff coat I posted is "Maple".
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