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No, I really don't think that raising the hurdle for inclusion will really do all that much, I think it is more an issue of the law of averages.. Anyway, some good stuff here..
More casual stuff from the hinterlands of style..
There are some really nice fits the last 10 or 20 pages or so, but then some other amazingly average fits that I am frankly surprised made the cut.
When I am away from work, I basically have no style.. Some would say that when I am AT work, I still have no style, lmao..
lmao, the class of 2010 huh? another quick one before I return to exile..
It's been a while, so here are a few fits from this summer..
Yeah, fairly sure I got taken by his Bonney alias.. Opened a Paypal dispute yesterday..
Haven't posted here in ages so why not..
This tie is hella good Rob, well done..
Look what I am missing as a result of my absence from the internerd. Hope you did me proud buddy!
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