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I've had mine for a few years now and almost never wear them because of how the speedhook rivets bite into my skin. Anyone else have this problem and does it lessen as the boots wear?
Geez Fran, I just got back from there also, and it's entirely possible we passed each other in the streets, lol.. Hope you enjoyed yourself!
Those look fantastic on you, and great color/texture!
I hear you.. I went from 165 to 210 at my heaviest, before diet and exercise brought me back to 170 where I seem to have settled out. Many years of living in hotels and eating shit food were mainly to blame..
TPM monitor malfunction light came on in my M3. Just what I needed. A malfunction in a system that I never rely on anyway to force me to take a couple of hours out of my day to rid me of the nag light that comes on every time I start my car now..
So I have officially stored my bikes for the winter. Winter in the south can be unpredictable, but I am hoping I will have at least a few weekends in December and January where I can sneak them out for a quick ride..
What the hell.. This beauty was made by Belvest..
Haha, I have a true waist that is 33" to 34" and I downsize to W31
I'm out. I have a rule about never entering competitions that I know from the start I cannot win. Call me a chickenshit.
I really like the slim bootcut, but after trying just about every fit they've got, I finally dialed in my favorite as the low straights. I size down 2-3 sizes (I am a 33 to 34 so I buy low straights in a W31) and these are pretty perfect. The rise feels very similar to slim bootcut, and of course, since the legs are straight, I don't risk looking like I'm wearing my high school son's jeans.. I'd give the low straights a shot and I'd actually go ahead and size down to...
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