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I see he's done some collaborations with Borsalino, but they've left me thinking wtf? It seems the only thing that distinguishes them from Borsalino's own designs are that wooden match and maybe some very slight tweaks to brim size and peak that just do not seem to be all that creative or innovative. To each their own I guess, I don't get most modern art either..
That's terrible.There are townships in Arizona?
You do know most shoe repair shops or leather work places can very easily size that down for you, right?
The last 3 leather coats I've bought from RRL were unusually short in the back, obviously by design. In some case it looks great and period, but in other cases, just did not work. You are definitely doing the right thing by paying close attention to measurements, since pictures can be deceiving for sure..
This. I've never had to throw away a cigar that's on the drier side of good, but I just cannot smoke an acrid, damp cigar.
I liked it also, and truth be told, would probably prefer riding the BMW to a full on loaded up, 15 billion candlepower lit, side bag equipped with integrated microwave oven and DVD player/navigation system built into the Boeing designed comfort faring Harley Davidson chrome monster..
lmao, my thoughts are this guy's writing needs to find its way into more of my casual junk food reading:"The bike farts 160 horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque out of an inline six-cylinder engine"
My wife is a 24 in RRL but what's the waist measure? If they work, I'll take those off your hands..
Do eeeeeeetttttt...
Thanks, will pick one up next trip to the B&M
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