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lol, I'd seriously not worry about it dude, they look good and if they fit...
If they fit you and they look good and you like them, does it really matter whether they are sold under the men's line or the women's line?
Yeah man, we are in Sacramento (my wife's hometown) probably 4 or 5 times a year, so SF is not a task from there.. Give me a few week's notice and I'd be there!
As an aside, I am thinking of posting this Elkhorn in the B&S thread. It's tagged L, but fits slim in body. Would probably ask around $400 for it. Any interest? [[SPOILER]]
So I guess white denim still counts, or at least, off-white denim? These are RRL slim boots with, uh, boots..
Spending a lot of time in your neck of the woods actually!
Since I self confess of having no hope of winning this challenge at all, but still want to post in one of Parker's threads after all these years, here it is..
This one is the twill as well..
You've put together some really cool fits in this thread MoK, well done..
Some RRL stuff I wore.. I particularly like the shirt, which after some alterations, is one of my favorites now..
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