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lol, that is definitely not a skinny ass hippie, it's my wife, haha.. Now she IS a NorCal girl and that part of California is famous for it's hippies.. Thanks for the comments, they're great bikes..
Do you still have this?
You know, more accidents happen around the home than on 2 wheels on the highway. True story..
Has anyone tried any of the three "expressions" that Booker's has released this year? I have always liked this whiskey, and want to know if these are worth picking up.
You seem to be having a problem finding a motorcycle to put those performance enhancing pipes on in the first place..
We've got a cabin in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and it's probably the best thing I've ever done. There are drawbacks though, including:1) You need a monitored alarm system since professional thieves will know where to target recreational use properties and your cabin WILL get broken into. That adds cost.2) Insurance costs a good bit, because most cabins are not close to neither fire stations nor fire hydrants.3) Electricity can be unreliable because of all those...
Here's what I'm riding these days, Harley Davidson Sportster 1200. Excellent in the twisties and such a nimble little bike it makes my heart sing.. Triumph Bonneville, just because a Triumph was the first for me: And last, Softtail Slim. I can't say enough about this bike. I've had softtails before, but this one is just sheer joy on wheels.. Swapped out stock pipes for these Pythons:
Probably too late, but I'd be in for 2 to 3 bottles if there is still availability..
Me three.. Although I did smoke a fantastic My Father Le Bijou last night on my front lawn.. I still rarely if ever smoke CCs.. Just me..
Had the "worn this week" not been part of the rules, this would have been my entry, from a month ago.. Not sure I did it well but damn if it's not hard to wear a white jacket, lol
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