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I wear a hat almost every time I wear casual clothes, but never when I wear suits or sportcoats.. Guess this will have to be the 474th consecutive challenge I will watch from the sidelines..
Uh, no, I won't be installing pet doors at a cabin. My family are a forgetful crowd..
Our dog did the same at our cabin, only she ran from the hardwood to puke on the rug at the front door, then reversed course, ran across tile and wood to puke on the rug at the back door for good measure..
This actually might make for some very good buying opportunities for folks who were on the fence about Victory bikes. Again, 10 years for parts and support of their existing dealer network for service probably means that for all intents and purposes, you can have your Victory bike repaired, serviced etc. at the local Polaris dealer.As for Indian, I test rode a couple last year, and I just did not care for them nearly as much as the HD I have owned. I can see their appeal...
Booker's is probably my favorite of the widely available bourbons today, but yeah, I'd say my ceiling would be $60 to $70 and at any thing higher, I'd migrate to something else, like Noah's Mill, a barrel pick of 4R, or something from Smooth Ambler. I was pleased to see that it appears to have been a ploy to have the shelves cleared, and the price increase will be limited to something in the $75 area, but at that price, I will likely finish up the bottles I have on hand...
Fuck, I almost hate to resurrect this discussion, but I have to agree with the obvious; that both have their pluses and minuses. Our cabin has a wood burning fireplace, and my wife, who is a native Californian, loves nothing more than a roaring ass fire in there when the Smokies dips into the teens and twenties. I must say, there are times that it is a PITA, but overall, I could never see replacing that fireplace with gas logs for example. However, I think there is...
I see he's done some collaborations with Borsalino, but they've left me thinking wtf? It seems the only thing that distinguishes them from Borsalino's own designs are that wooden match and maybe some very slight tweaks to brim size and peak that just do not seem to be all that creative or innovative. To each their own I guess, I don't get most modern art either..
That's terrible.There are townships in Arizona?
You do know most shoe repair shops or leather work places can very easily size that down for you, right?
The last 3 leather coats I've bought from RRL were unusually short in the back, obviously by design. In some case it looks great and period, but in other cases, just did not work. You are definitely doing the right thing by paying close attention to measurements, since pictures can be deceiving for sure..
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