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Would also love to join, but I live a few states away so, yeah, that's why.. Seriously though, sounds fun, and wish I was there on business or something so that I could join..
Speaking of functional purpose, Belstaff coat with RRL cardigan and denim. Functional because it was pissing rain to beat the band when this photo was taken.. Bonus shot of some killer Rios of Mercedes boots that look so fine with RRL denim..
It serves no functional purpose, so I just let him toss it.
Wife not let you buy the good stuff??
I've done this with probably a dozen shirts because the damn things are so freakishly long out of the box, and I'm 6' tall!! I've never actually looked, but I'd imagine he uses a seam ripper and just takes the tag off.
Will try to grab one this weekend.. And yes, fantastic color. The picture above is relatively TTL..
Yes, this is the Vaquero Bullhide. The pictures don't do these justice, just an amazing color. Not custom, just standard Farmer Rancher on 55 last.. Am already thinking about the next pair..
I think it is very specific to the last. I actually sized exactly same as my Alden TruBalance (Indy) size, but a half size DOWN from my RedWing and most other shoe sizes (which are a 10D) and these fit me perfectly. I would definitely post in the White's thread and ask about the last you are considering to avoid too much trial and error..
Bunch of RRL stuff in it's natural habitat.. First picture of these new Farmer/Rancher boots from White's Boots in Spokane. Loving the feel of these.
In what I am sure is a familiar pattern to many who stumble across White's, this will be my first of many pair I am sure. Love these things, and amazed at the comfort..
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