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Very cool. I had been looking for an old bike that I could take in the dirt, but also ride into town for coffee, wine, whatever and this was perfect for that.
Picked up this little bastard today. Stoked to give it some bush time out at our shack in the woods..
This looks great Erik, I am loving the caps you have been wearing lately, and the longer hair suits you well..
Good to see you posting again my friend, this looks fantastic!!
Those are beauties! I've never even seen the Murdock in anything but black or brown.. Love those.
Western shirt with suede loafers does not compute IMO. Nice shoes though.
This is the whiskey that introduced me to Japanese whiskey to begin with. A guy who worked for me brought me a bottle back from Tokyo as a gift, knowing I loved teh fire water. I had never given Japanese whiskey a chance prior for no reason other than I don't tend to wear shoes made in Spain either. Since then, it's become my favorite of the Japanese whiskies I've had. I would reach for this before Yamazaki 18 any day, if that tells you anything. Then again, I'd reach...
Not Goldman Sachs is it?
He passed away a few years ago, Stefano Bemer
lmao, these are the doritos of my dog's days.. she will torture them with paw swipes and nibbles before finally crunching them down.. just need doggie dentabone thingies that get rid of the stink bug stink..
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