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I like this a lot, great photo.Not sure what it is, but wasn't crazy about this. Seemed disjointed to me.
Nice work my friend. Sorry, no spoiler..
That's a great looking shirt Gerry. I've always found it hard to find an alternative to traditional polos, but this looks to be about perfect..
I am a hoarder by nature. If I like the way a certain fit and wash of RRL denim looks on me, I will buy 3 for when the first wears out. Same with shoes. It paid off with bourbon, since I always worried there would be a time I couldn't find my favorite whiskies. About 4 years ago, I was lucky enough to get a case (4 bottles in each) of George T Stagg and Eagle Rare 17 year old. That same year I bought 4 bottles of PVW 20 yo and was gifted a bottle of 23 yo for...
I have it and its fucking awesome. My go to jacket for weather all the way down to 30 degrees! It runs big though, and the S I ordered fits me more like a M so you may want to size down..
You're not supposed to admit that..
I almost bought those! How do you like them? Is the fabric as soft as it appears in the (often unreliable and sometimes totally inaccurate) photo online?
Dude, I wish i could help but I just can't recall off the top of my head (unfortunately for questions like this, I have over 2 dozen pair of RRL denim, so I just cannot keep them all straight in my mind), but I think they are slim narrows..
Jesus Christ jet, when did you become so, uh, collegiate??
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