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Nice! How is the fit?
Hard to find I am learning.. Any recommendations??
Thanks man, sounds like you saved us a few hundred for what would have been underwhelming denim.. Sad to hear, they had such a cool concept going.. She's never tried Samurai or Japan Blue, so I will pass those recommendations along..
Does Imogene and Willie's still do the full on custom/bespoke denim thing also, or is it all RTW now? My wife is wanting to try something new and I remembered them from last time I was in Nashville.
I went from an M3 to a Carrera S to an M3 and then to an X5 as my kids got older and taller and traveled with more things. I love the X5. It's speedy for an SUV, and feels great on long trips. I didn't look back and have no regrets..
Congratulations, that's a great milestone in your career!
Glad you enjoyed them!
I don't disagree, but cheesy marketing isn't a reason in my opinion, not to buy a product. If it were, nobody would buy beer, lexus automobiles, or car insurance. I generally do smoke CC when abroad, but I've given up buying CC long ago since they just aren't worth the extra hassle to me, or even the added expense. Of course, I have found NC cigars that I absolutely love, and can compare against the hundreds of CC I have smoked over the years, so that makes it easier. ...
And resting on a bed of grits.. the thing that's covered in cheese and gravy that is, lol
We get there on a relatively regular basis, so I may just take you up on that..
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