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But what does that matter? Are you doing a lot of 1/4 miles on the streets in your neighborhood or are you subject to random kidnapping attempts for which that torque comes in handy to zip away under a hail of AK fire?
lol, impressive compared to what? Under what sort of extreme conditions and high speeds are you riding your bike?
interesting, thanks. I'd never heard of it before.. That said, that price is all sorts of ridiculous, but value is in the eye of the beholder..
dbl post
PVW 18?
Case in point. Less than $12K and basically the same weight as those Ducs you mentioned. I rode this model for years and loved it. I didn't take it on highways, because the ride was so stiff and of course, the wind was horrid, but it was the perfect bike for trips within the city. So much so that I will probably buy one for my wife that I can "borrow" from time to time..
Sportsters are neither huge, nor heavy, nor expensive. I know that's not what you meant, but Sportsters are the perfect urban motorcycle..
If it were me I'd go to a 28. If they are too small, which I doubt, you can always exchange. I size down 2 and works every time..
Johnson Leather in San Francisco did some amazing work on my RRL Elkhorn, taking it from a L to effectively between a S and M. They also do custom work. Have you tried them already?
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