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lol. 80% off? wtf? that's amazing, but I don't know how I never seem to luck into these sales frenzies!
East Tennessee, near the NC state line..You've bought in a beautiful part of the country man, wow! I grew up sort of near there! Do you work locally or is this a weekend place?
congratulations! where is it??
This.. I've low-sided a few times out of stupidity, but the closest I've come to being killed is by inattentive shitheads who are texting as they approach a red light or zip out in my path turning left cause they "think they can make it" or "didn't see him"
never.. is it a Kentucky bourbon??
Well, I must confess, this is the first I've had, believe it or not, and I enjoyed it enough to buy another.. I'd buy a glass in a bar first, check it out, and see what you think, since I think I paid around 50 bucks or so, making it a slightly painful mistake if you absolutely hate it. Somehow I don't think you will though..Edit, I was at the liquor store last night, and I guess this one was closer to 80 bucks, so yeah, if you're unsure, definitely try it out by the...
I would recommend it, yes. I am also meh on Jefferson as well, but this one was screaming out to me and I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and give it a shot.. In short, it's a very good whiskey, and I'd definitely buy this one again, and likely will before it disappears from shelves..
I hear you there. We are drinking more scotch these days as well, since there seems to be no shortage of almost anything I could want. I still have several bottles of stuff that would be considered rare now (I just popped the seal on my last bottle of PVW 15 yo a few weeks back, so it is technically terminal, but I do have some unopened 20 and 23 that I am saving for milestones) but I am just puzzled at how value is being determined. My undergrad and graduate degrees...
Yeah, my only problem is the second B, neither of us can cook to save our lives..
My girl and I took a ride way back into the East Tennessee mountains on our Bonnie this past weekend. Weather was perfect, and we scoped out some great spots to re-visit on our next ride through. Spotted a great little Victorian house for sale about 15 miles from the Tennessee gateway to the Smoky Mountains, which is the most heavily national park in the nation. Am debating whether or not I could handle doing something like buying the place and opening a B&B.. Fun day...
New Posts  All Forums: