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Based on the "horse-blanket" embedded in there, I am assuming you mean me, lol, yeah, my tastes have evolved, as they always do..
Last fit for a while, I've scratched the itch, lol..
Cross posted to MC, probably better fit here.. Mainly RRL expect for the shorts, which are some ratty pair of cutoffs from J Crew or something.. Bonus pic of Mr. and Mrs. Gnatty8, fit by Bell Helmets, lol [[SPOILER]]
Mrs. Gnatty8 and I with our other casual wear, lol
Casual fit from last weekend. Probably more SW&D, but what they hey.. RRL except the shoes.. Persol sunglasses..
Those are great shoes my friend..
Recycled Instagram picture from last week, cotton sportcoat is Belvest and pants are Epaulet, the finest office pants available at that price point.. Tie is RLPL from last season..
Thanks again Erik, great pics! One #menswear bandwagon I will just refuse to jump on are the tasseled loafers...
Yeah, sorry buddy, the light in there is not the best, and I didn't want to step outside and get wet to take a fit pic for you guys..
Great pictures Erik, thanks for sharing with us, and look forward to your updates on Instagram!
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