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Without a doubt, RRL, either slim fit or low straights. I have a couple dozen pair now and likely won't need more denim for the rest of my life..
Casual stuff. Incotex, RRL shirt, and I think the coat is Brooks Brothers. I don't get outside much during the day, so an abandoned, rarely used conference room needs to suffice for fit pictures..
Can't post this over on the MC side, so figured I'd post it here.. RRL denim and Alden chukkas. Some random Tennessee t-shirt from a place in Knoxville..
Sigh.. Where does the time go??
Maybe I have been in RRL too long, but I find the sartorial version of the mullet; sportcoat with dark indigo denim and any sort of shoe/boot with a shine, very difficult to either appreciate or like..
I think I actually wore denim to work earlier this month, but it was of the white variety, so I will disqualify myself from this one..
This.I've seen many MIC products (not just denim/streetwear but tailored clothing as well) that are made just as well, if not better, than their made in Italy counterparts. The basic technical aspects of making clothing are not handed down in secret books passed from father to son, but are gained over years of experience and doing. As long as a maker is committed to very robust quality control, I would argue that MIC and made anywhere else in the world are virtually...
First of all, take anything you're told by the salesmen with a grain of salt. Not saying they would deliberately lie to you or mislead you, but they may just not know much about how a suit is made to be authorities on the matter. My best advice would be to determine whether you consider the suits a good investment would be to try them on and see how they fit you. I know that sounds like glib advice, but at a lower price point, you just aren't going to get a masterpiece...
A lot of you guys are posting some great fits, especially you Erik, gold star!!
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