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Hello guys, A friend just opened a shop outside UK and wants me to buy him in huge quantity (belts, boxers,trousers and slim ties). He wants to spend around 10,000 usd now I thought major retailers like NEXT, M&S, TM LEWIN but I also thought why not deal with ASOS on this big order I wonder if you think ASOS can deliver in terms of quality and pricing. I will appreciate your advise and inputs on this.
Try Huff Haus
I think house prices in the UK have gone down unless its its central London where all good houses were owned by Arabs...then came the Russians who bought them out and then came Chinese...now interestingly Russians and Chinese are buying up all stately country houses...and on a flip side Arab spring kinda heped to tip the balance...few wealthy Arabs would rather stash their money in UK than US
Im about to get married in the next 6 months and I need ideas for my wedding attire anyone?
That was quick... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/0..._n_858012.html
replace her with on demand type
it was a crappy film
I should have pointed out that the focus should be Casual wear
Summer is just around the corner so I guess we should all chip in what we want to dress: please feel free to post your ideas...
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