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Not sure if we will season3 but if we dis I hope it gets picked up by HBO or netflix I think its the best show on both network and cable at the moment. ......Sent from NSA Monitored Device
Thinkng if seling my TAG Huer Carrera...not sure if I will get its money's worth. Any suggestions will be appreciated ......Sent from NSA Monitored Device
Global Copper prices have falled dramatically...best time to buy frm trafigura et al? ......Sent from NSA Monitored Device
I'm in London, UK unlesa you're suggesting I should order from Online. ......Sent from NSA Monitored Device
Question...is it ok to wear Fedora hat in a hot country? Might be traveling to tropical country but want to maintain my dapper once in a while... ......Sent from NSA Monitored Device
I appreciate the responses. I bought some (different colours) and thinking I should start wearing them at least couple of times in a month. ......Sent from NSA Monitored Device
What saved it last year is that it is very popular overseas and part of the funding comes from there. Hopefully that is enough this year. its the best show out there at the moment and dont get me started on those impeccable suits....
This show shits on every show out there. Its the definition of perfection.
Looking forward to suggestions as well. ......Sent from NSA Monitored Device
What abt international commodities? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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