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At last I will be getting married later this year just before summer. Even though I live in UK, the ceremony will take place in Africa (Tanzania) to be precise. Its a very hot and humid country. We will have reception where by I intend to have a traditional Formal Festive Morning Dress. Unfortunately not sure how this will go and if its a no then which options do I have? I dont have plans to but but I can always hire from Moss Bross. This will be for me, bestman and one...
A friend has gone to New York Can anyone recommend a shop where she can buy me reasonable priced Fedora hat such as this:
I know we come from all walks of life and obviously not everyone can afford £800 suits or £5,000 pounds watches. But I'm sure we all know those known or unknown retailers/ shops/markets/websites etc in our address book where one can but items at bargain prices. Kindly feel free to share the secret addresses or locations or websites to anything that might be of interest to SF members.
Guys I bought this today at Hawes and Curtis in London I intend to wear it tomorrow with work suit. The question is should I fold it around the neck or leave it hang? Which options do I have with or without tie?
I intend to go to HRR for the first time this year Any inputs on dos and dont's would be greatly appreciated (I'm of ethnic background, not sure how I will be viewed) but I'm determined regardless. More info on fashion and possibly places/shops where I can buy them would be icing on the cake.
I prefer wayfarers
link please
Can anyone tell me why most of UK shoe makers have affinity with Northampton? Does this mean that its cheaper to buy shoes there than say, London
Does anyone know where I can buy Saphir Médaille d'Or shoe bags in London I need about 30 of them... If I cant find the same brand I dont have a problem with different brands or non brand as long as the colour is cream
Excellent adviseWill definitely drop by thereI always feel I might be disturbing by walking in asking questions and buy a small itemSame applies when I pass by Savile Row. At times I want to drop in have a brief chat with the staff I'm sure some are stiff bored when the shops are not busy so it makes sense what you guys have advised
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