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I prefer wayfarers
link please
Can anyone tell me why most of UK shoe makers have affinity with Northampton? Does this mean that its cheaper to buy shoes there than say, London
Does anyone know where I can buy Saphir M├ędaille d'Or shoe bags in London I need about 30 of them... If I cant find the same brand I dont have a problem with different brands or non brand as long as the colour is cream
Excellent adviseWill definitely drop by thereI always feel I might be disturbing by walking in asking questions and buy a small itemSame applies when I pass by Savile Row. At times I want to drop in have a brief chat with the staff I'm sure some are stiff bored when the shops are not busy so it makes sense what you guys have advised
I'm sure some of you might have watched a film or Tv Show and saw some good costumes/threads Just watched Two Faces of January and I think the leading character has given me an idea of what to wear if I visit a hot/humid country That that said, I still think HANNIBAL had the best wardrobe in the history of TV shows
I dont have the budget for St James Street.I'm not so keen on big brands but anything reasonably priced would do for me
something like this. I'm new in this hat game so some of you will have to bear with me...
I think I'm getting somewhere with my quest for ideal fedora hat. I've yet to find a shop I could buy them here in London but at least I have a photo something like this but with slightly wider brim
yes it is...
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