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I'm. Going to a very hot country and would love to have neckscarf any ideas?
Updates One of my bestman wont attend so its just gonna be two of us...
Thank you should I be concerned that the Moss Bross hire shop attendant didnt take shirt and vest measurements?
Im surprised and worried maybe its nothingWhen I went to Moss Bros Hire, the lady just took my trouser and neck measurement and gave me a trouser to try onAfterwards she gave me a sample morning coat to try on as they didnt have the tailsShe didn't take shirt or waist coat measurements.....Is this something I should be worried about or?Any suggestions about the type of white shirts I can have?What about bowties..Which is better between pre-tied or untied?
I've decided to go for Evening Tails that will come with white bow tie etc. Will hire that from MOSS BROS any advise 2 of my groomsment should go for? Obviously they'll have to go for a white tie though they are not keen on wearing evening tails inputs and pics will do...
Ok this is the look I've decided I will go for evening Tails. Not sure which I should go for between these two: while my grooms men (I will have only 2) will go for something like this: Btn Moss hire, Debenham Hire and Oliver brown who would you recommend?
I have to admit I'm confused between the two designs?so what would you recommend for me and what should my two grooms men go for?
Thanks for your insightful inputsI'm black Brit and marrying a girl whose parents are originally from there.I would like to make a proper statement with attire.I've checked with Jack Bunneys and looks like they're fully booked for the whole year ( both buying and hiring) so my next option will be Moss Bross or any other suit hire retailersThe bottom line I would like to look as English as I can be.Day 1 we will have first ceremony will be traditional/religious so I intend...
Thanks for the inputsThe wedding will NOT take place in the UKIt will take place in Tanzania (East Africa) where the weather will be hot and humid (tropical)We are having two ceremonies. First day we will be having traditional and on the second day we will be having reception where I intend to wear morning suit. My bestman and his mate have flatly refused to wear Morning suit and thats why I thought, I will go for morning suit and they can go for a black tie (tux) like...
Im also getting married in May wanted to hire something from Jack Bunney I wanna go for the morning suit while my best man and his mate will go for normal tuxedo not sure how this will look Any inputs will be greatly appreciated Here are their price not sure if they are reasonable or way too expensive here's their price list http://www.jackbunneys.co.uk/wedding-hire/price-list.html Any alternatives?
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