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What brand in BLACK DARK SELVEDGE is similar to apc new standards in sizing/stretch? I have a pair of 36 waist ns and they stretched to 40, so I'm looking for an equivalent brand that is of either US or Japan origin that will stretch to this size but in black dark ink color selvedge, sub 200-250. Thanks.
The some of the line is now available on Zappos.!/chippewa-men~2?s=isNew/desc/goLiveDate/desc/recentSalesStyle/desc/
These need to go. For $100, it's a steal. American made. Listing is here: Item is sold pending transaction.
This item is still for sale with price reduction. Throw me an offer.
hoody still for sale. throw me an offer.
My loss is your gain. Lost receipt so no return due to impulse buy. Bought in Fall 2009. New with tags. Check the ebay link:
Eh..I have to ask this...What happened to Chippewa being carried by Jcrew? Was this a limited run or are they going to re update stock again? The rugged boots section is deserted with only two styles.
I want to buy but unsure about the sizing for this item: Is it True to size or a half size bigger than tagged size? Thanks.
I recently just bought some raw denim jeans by Helmut Lang from Barneys:,default,pd.html I have been a fan of the brand for awhile and haven't been a fan of the changes over the years. I know that the men's line will be closing after next year. Anyway, are these jeans worthwhile keeper or worth returning? Last time I had this dilemma of keeping a now defunct brand was when Donna Karan ended the men's line----a couple day s...
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