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Anyone, please. I am not trying to travel to Richmond or Northern VA for a tailor. Thanks!
Hello. Can anyone recommend a good tailor in the Hampton/Newport News/Norfolk area with fairly reasonable prices? I've got a few shirts that need taken in and a few other things. I have seen threads for good tailors in Richmond and Northern VA but never for the tidewater area. Thank you in advance!
Happy easter everybody. I recently purchased some dark brown desert/chukka boots. I know this is probably a dumb question but I was wondering if the dark brown boots could only be paired with dark colored navy jeans, and various color chino's? Also would a medium or a lighter wash jean work with brown desert boots. Thanks in advance!
Quick question gentlemen of style forum. My tailor told me that I have a 15 inch neck size but it seems like most shirts I buy off the rack that are labeled with a 15 inch neck fit are to loose. Should I size down to a 14 1/2 or a 14? Thanks in advance.
Good morning SF. Do you all think these J-Crew Suede MacAlister boots are authentic? They may be outlet versions of the shoes because the seller has multiple pairs all going for 65.00 instead of the retail 135.00. Thank you in advance and thanks for the past advice.
Two questions in one day: Does anybody know if these Ferragamo studio suede oxfords are authentic? Thank you in advance.
What do you all think about these suede Johnson and Murphy Oxfords I found on ebay? Are these an authentic pair of shoes because I have never seen this particular model from Johnson and Murphy. Thanks
Would you all consider the lapels on this vintage SC to be closer to average, or rather wide/large? Thanks.
I have a quick question for everybody. I was measured by my tailor as having a size 38 chest. I was told by some people that I should consider buying size 36 blazers and suits, but I thought that I was supposed to purchase jackets in my correct size of 38 l. I am slim at 5'11 about 155 pounds with an athletic build (former track athlete). Thank you in advance for advice.
Good morning. I am interested in purchasing a wool camel coat in the future. I was wondering which stores would be a good place to look for a good wool camel overcoat. Should I look towards vintage/thrift brands/stores or check ebay? Which brands are normally the best? Thank you in advance.
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