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Quote: Originally Posted by Some consulting guy Yes, thats what I have been thinking. I have searched the forum, but still have 2 questions: Where is the best place to buy them currently? What is the consensus with sizing? I read one or two sizes down from usual sizing for APC, but also read they will stretch a bit with wear? Thanks APC NS sizing works roughly like this; subtract two from your waist size, and then an additional size if you...
Quote: Originally Posted by deem Can anyone comment on the quality of the denim on the Blackbird Hazelwood jeans? I am interested in picking up a pair, but I haven't been able to find too much info about them. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Blac...ean_16042.html No experience with them, but I've always thought those slanted pockets were a turn-off.
Frankly, I'm sort of glad to see selvedge denim become more widely available. Selvedge never equaled quality, anyway, but at least this says that people up top are paying attention.
Quote: Originally Posted by hooker4186 I'll bet they could answer your question in this thread. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=85589 You know, instead of starting a whole new one. I'm pretty sure he just bumped an old one, there, mate. General rule is size down 1/2 from your true size.
Most people can't pull them off, but that's true with lots of things. I think it also depends on what you mean by "skinny". The standard, at least in US, seems to be bootcut or baggy jeans, at least among the general population. A skinny jean, to me, are those horrible torture pants you sometimes see kids on skateboards wearing; I'm aware, however, that, to some people, a skinny jean is anything that flatters the figure. For me, I prefer a slimmer, straight cut....
Yeah, I'm pretty certain these aren't raw, they weren't stiff enough. Mine shrunk slightly from washing, but the leg opening continues to be too big for my liking. The 514 cut, in general is a little bit too loose from the knee down, I hope Levi's puts it through a revision at some point (and lengthens the rise!).
Quote: Originally Posted by Flizzzipper Hey! You are from GAF right? lol My NS stretched a lot plus I think I lost a little weight. At first I could barely button them but now I really think I should have got 27's. Had them about 4 months now. Quote: Originally Posted by golfham I've had the same problem. I bought three different APC NS and they still were too tight on the thighs. I bought some Rescues which should be...
The tag says they're made in China, despite the Nihon Denim thing on the inside of the right pocket. So the same as mentioned earlier in this thread. As far as Levi's go, though, I'd say these are a nice pair of jeans. Definitely heavier than any other pairs I've purchased from them.
Joke post?
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah http://www.bennettsirongate.co.uk/Ou...And-Outerwear/ http://www.xileclothing.com/browse/B...6_0_no_na.html http://www.zeeandco.co.uk/Label/Barb...7/p126163.aspx you might as well time it with your arrival to avoid the shipping but then you gonna pay VAT. i guess depends which is more The International is actually a great recommendation; that's the one I wore (and continue to wear!). It's probably...
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